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    Default second chance?

    just wondering, if you tried it once and your spouce was not comfortable, do you think there is a chance to try again? have done some AN on private beaches since. would really like to try again, do you think it's worth trying?

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    no one seems to biting on this thread... its your situaion. everyone's situation is different. if you read some of the threads, you'll find that some partners only tried it to maintain the peace in the family, and then swore never to wear a bathing suit again. after 19 years of marriage my wife finally tried it and seems to be comfortable with it. (told ya so)Do you think I was patient enough? In your case, I wouldn't force an arguement over it, but instead request your partner to try it again, but again what aspect is it that your spouse is uncomfortable with should probably be discussed. personnally my problem with it is; I'm so comfortable, that the worst part of it all is putting my clothes back on. I hate lounging around in the sun in a soggy bathing suit. david

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    It isn't something you would push on your other half. It is something that you need to have some level of comfort.

    All you can do is ask your loved one "Do you want to go?" Let the rest go from there.

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    Since the resorts are geared towards couples, I wouldn't force anything on my spouse. AT CTI and CSS there is a swim-up bar, and I have seen females (who didn't appear as comfortable as their partners) at the bar - there's at least a table and/or bar to lean on while you meet the great people who do feel more comfortable. If you're the female side of the partnership, and your husband is worried about what might come up, suggest he have a drink at the clothing side first (my husband's trick). I believe that once you both get to know the people at these beaches, and see how comfortable they are, you'll both become just as comfortable. But if not, don't force it. Stay happy.

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    Someone either gets it...or they don't....not something you can convince someone that isn't comfortable with it to accept...won't happen....mind already made up that it don't work for them...I would move on.

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    I think it's worth asking, since people do change, but don't push it if the answer is no.

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    how do u deal with the quick response of ' it's inappropriate ' or ' not christian' ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gspro2 View Post
    how do u deal with the quick response of ' it's inappropriate ' or ' not christian' ?
    I'm not sure you can.

    If my wife had raised those objections, I would have asked her to explain in a bit more detail why she felt it was inappropriate or not Christian so that I could understand her concerns better. I would be clear that she did not have to defend her position and that I was only seeking to understand. I would then talk to her to let her know why I saw things differently. If after that conversation she was not convinced, then we would not be visiting the island.

    Fortunately, my wife and I have no problems with the island, but the last thing I would ever want to do would be to make her compromise her faith for the sake a of a vacation activity.
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    my number one more and become more intimate again after 3 kids long as we don't dishonor God
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    I would suggest that you try a Clothing Optional place rather than a place that strictly enforces All Nude. That way, you can be nude, she can be how she is comfortable and you will BOTH be happy.

    I expect that if she gives it another try in that scenario, she may find she is OK getting Gradually Naked when there are other nude/topless people around and it isn't any big deal! She should try wearing just a sarong, let the TOP down after a while, maybe, and then maybe by after lunch she's be sitting ON that sarong!

    And as far as I know, there is nothing a loving, faithful married couple does, as long as both are consenting adults, that wouldn't be OK with God!

    Good Luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gspro2 View Post
    how do u deal with the quick response of ' it's inappropriate ' or ' not christian' ?
    The easy responce is:

    Genesis 2.25
    And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.

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