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    Default Best excursions from CSA

    What are the top excursions from CSA? Here are some of the ideas that our group has thought about doing:

    zip lining
    deep sea fishing
    horseback riding

    Has anyone done these and are we missing anything better?

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    We didn't do zipline. But we did do horseback riding, atvs, falls with black river and appleton estate tour, shopping tour, and deep sea fishing. We loved deep sea fishing. We didn't get anything but a small fish but it was still a good time. Horseback riding was fun. I wouldn't do it again but it is something you should do. The appleton estate with the falls and black river was very much worth it. But do all three because it is a far drive and takes all day. The shopping tour in negril I wouldn't do again. too many pushy vendors for sure. The best of all was the atv's. I would recommend everyone try it. You ride them into the mountains and visit a little church and village at the top. You get to visit the kids in their school room. It gave us an amazing view of the real jamaica.

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    Sorry...what is ATVS? Thanks

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    AR, the "best" excursion is one that dovetails with YOUR own interests and preferences, not a list of choices that suits the operator. On the other hand, it is unrealistic that large tour companies/organizations would have the time or staff to customize outings to each client, or potential client's tastes..that's where the small independent operators come in.

    Of your choices. zip lining can be done up by MoBay on the Lethe Estate (5 lines) or at YS Falls (rather like Ziplining 101 - 2 short lines, one long one over the river - good for those who have never done it before, and something to do while at the Falls, so in theory, you get two experiences while at the same day's outing) Another new attraction spot 20 minutes from Negril also offers unlimited ziplining, but only two lines.

    For horseback riding, Couples has brochures on two locations...Chukka Blue up by MoBay and Country Western, 25 minutes from Negril. Chukka has large groups of approximately 50 people...Country Western group size will be ten or less. I've never ridden with Chukka...I need freedom. At Country Western, if you are a good/comfortable rider, there is no such thing as having to stay in a single file can canter on the trail or gallop on the beach. You'll go out into the water where the horse is actually swimming. It is a sweet experience and one I can repeat over and over without getting tired of it.

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    Atvs are four wheelers

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    We have enjoyed the falls excursions to YSFalls and to Mayfield Falls. Two very different excursions, but both beautiful in their own way. I wouldn't recommend one over the other, but for us, we enjoyed the trip to Mayfield more.

    Other suggestions... shopping, golf, touring Negril... how about Rick's or the catamaran cruise? Considered snorkeling? Some of these are inclusives!

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    Does CSA offer the fishing excursion or do you have to book it on your own? I

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    I find the Pelican Bar to be an intrigueing excursion option. It just looks so cool out there on the water. A beer and a fish sandwich or whatever is on the menu for the day sounds pretty good. But the unique setting of the bar location just strikes me as being worth the time and expense of the day trip.

    Any one got any yays or nays on making the pilgrimage to the Pelican?

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    Melly -

    You'll be booking the fishing trip on your own. It can be done, I'm sure, at the tour desk.

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    is it cheaper to book at couples or privately to do these different excursions? thanks

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    We went to the Pelican Bar a few years ago hoping for a nice lunch only to find out that you have to pre-order food. Our tour guide never told us this. We were able to buy a bottled water or beer, though. I'd skip it and do another's really not a big deal and is just a bar on stilts.

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    I was very interested about deep sea fishing and inquired on here and a very nice woman was able to help me. At the time I was planning on going to CSS (although now I am leaning towards CSA)- but it is a start and they should be able to point you in the right direction. From what I have been told- each Couples has a tour desk with staff that can book outside excursions (not included in the all inclusive pricing). I normally don't get sea sick - but I did badly in Mexico on a sea fishing excursion. Take dramamine and don't drink heavily the night before. It can be rough!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by eileen11 View Post
    We went to the Pelican Bar a few years ago...
    Thanks for the words of experience. Maybe we will save that trip for another time.

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    kak2836 -

    Our experience has been that you can do a better price if you do your research and book with one of the contractors prior to arrival. We've done this a couple of times. Once, we booked a very personal tour to YSFalls and Appleton Estate, with a side trip to the Bamboo Highway. Another time, we worked with the same contractor to organize a small group from a few resorts along the Negril strip (including CN and SweptAway), which was very economical.

    Couples also provides a very broad spectrum of tour opportunities, and the ease and convenience that they offer, acting as your contact with many of these same local contractors, provides you with other options.

    Its all a matter of your comfort level with the individual contractors. If you book on your own, you will need to provide a deposit of some sort when you book. Its business, after all, and it runs pretty much the same as at home.

    Good luck!

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    We did the chukka zip lining tour. It was a great time. The downfall was the ride to and from. It just took forever and at the end of the day we were exhausted. It was fun and a great experience but I wouldnt do it again. It took away from the relaxing vacation we were having.

    Another couple did chukka horseback riding and they enjoyed it but felt that the horses were not as well taking care of as they would have liked.

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    Hi - We would love to do some trips whilst in Jamaica but having never been before to the Caribbean I would be worried about booking our own before we come. I think Couples offer lots of trips and I imagine this would be "safer" than me looking on internet etc.... Not sure.

    When we went to Mauritius - I remembered lots of TA people reccomended a certain vendor who walked up and down the resort selling hi boat trips - and we found him when we got there and booked with him a boat trip to an island with a private BBQ and it was fantastic!!!

    Does anyone have any suggestions similar to this - for people or firms that are often used for boat sightseeing, snorkeling trips etc - not bothered about fishing or diving - more sunset trips, snorkeling, sights etc.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Well, Couples will hook you up with your snorkeling and sunset trips as part of your all-inclusive experience. These activities are VERY popular and loads of fun!

    As for recommendation, Couples has asked (and enforces) that we do not offer specific recommendations. As I said in a previous post, their tour desks can and do organize or offer many opportunities. If you have a particular vendor in mind, they may be able to help you establish contact with them. We've not tried this... has anyone else asked for a specific contact while at Couples?

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    The zip lining with Chukka tours was amazing -- I highly recommend it. I couldn't believe I was on top of the canopy, it was sooo beautiful! The last zip-line was the best, 1/4 mile long, across the entire canopy...there's nothing like it -- it's an experience I will never forget. We were very fortunte to have a very knowledgeable and friendly bus driver, so he made the trip to and from Negril very enjoyable.

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