Sorry to start up a new Feb thread but I wanted to remind all our old friends and let our soon to be new friends know about the Islander Staff Party which will take place during Valentine week at CTI. The tentative date is the 17th on the front lawn.

For our new friends the staff party started way back in 1995 as best we can remember. It was originally held on the island after it was renovated in 1994. This will be the 15th time we've hosted the party. We obviously skipped last year because CTI was being renovated. We are regular guests of CTI and it's a very small way for the group to show our appreciation for everything the wonderful CTI staff does for us.

It is now held on the front lawn so more staff can attend. It will be between shifts so we normally get around 150 staff to show up.

We serve beer, soft drinks, finger food etc. to the staff. This year, because it is the first party after reopening, we intend to give each staff member an Islander t-shirt. ( the saying on the back will remain a secret until Feb.) The other thing we always do is give away small gifts through a raffle. The more gifts we have the better. If you're not going to be there on the 17th and would like to contribute something, Cynthia and I will be there on the 10th or you could give the items to the guest relations staff and ask them to hold for us for the party.

The ladies like toiletries, make up, inexpensive jewelry. The men like sports team caps or t-shirts. Everyone likes small or large stuffed animals, small electrical whatever, toys for their children. We will give away a boom box and probably a couple of inexpensive DVD players as grand prizes.

If you don't go to the Island you can still attend, just bring gifts for the staff.

So far this is the list of people I think are going to be there.
Sorry if I've forgotten you but I'm getting old. Please add you names to the list.

Fred and Cynthia
Kurt and Kim
Mitchell and Christie
Luann and Jim
Dave and Janet
Ron and Heather
Robin and Linda
Dennis and Cindy
Bob and Jackie
Jim and Janet

We'll miss you Rob and Steph (Kirk asked about you and said to say hello)

Nikki and Josh, since I think Heather posted a pic with you guys and you were at CTI 2 years ago, I think you will qualify as Islanders....There will of course be an iniation.....

You regulars out there please add anything else I may have forgotten to mention.

Fred and Cynthia