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    Default Zip Lining for Someone who has trouble walking

    Okay, we are going to CN January 23-30 & my wife wants to attempt to Zip Line. The problem is, she has had a leg injury & it is hard for her to walk any great distances. For people who have Ziplined at CN before, is there a lot of walking to be done on this excursion?? How feasable is it for her to try to Zip Line??

    Thanks everyone!

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    The zip line tour the resort offers through Chukka tours will unfortuantely not be do-able for your wife. It involves quite a bit of walking, including a lot of incline walking.
    If you go on the tour to YS Falls, there is a very short zip-line offered there for an extra fee. It is nothing compared to the Chukka zip-line tour, but this one would not involve as much walking.

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    We went to YS Falls from CN yesterday and you have to walk up the mountain to get to the zip lines. A LOT of stairs, some of them unbelievably steep. I guess zip lining there is out for her. There are a couple places near Montego Bay that may work for her, but I am not familiar with them. I assume you are aware that once you get to the zip line, you are sitting in a harness and her leg injury shouldn't be a problem!
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