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    Default Time to connect thru Dulles

    Wife and I will be connecting from Syracuse thru Dulles airport this Sat morning to catch our connector to MBJ. Question that I have is we have 55 minutes between when we arrive at Dulles and when the flight to MBJ leaves. We are flying United all the way. Is 55 minutes realistically enough time to connect on an international flight? We will have two bags in total checking them in Syracuse.

    Thank you!


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    Any help here will get me to bye them a drink!!!

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    Rosco - Typically when you check your bags at the first leg of the trip, you don't touch or see them again until you land at your final destination. Hope this wins me a drink!

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    Catch up with me for that drink at CTI when we get there on Saturday.

    Rosco out......

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