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    Default Split Time between CTI and CN

    Hi all. I am planning a surprise anniversary trip to CTI and CN later this summer for me and my wife. I have found the MB to be very helpful and I am VERY excited to finally get to Jamaica. Can any of you recommend a taxi or shuttle service from CTI to CN?

    Thanks, and I can't wait to see you on the beaches and make lots of new friends.


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    Couples will provide your transportation from CTI to CN when you book a split trip. See how great they are!
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    I was recently in the process of researching the exact same vacation....after speaking to the Couples customer service department I was advised that they would transport me from Couples Tower Island to CN! Nice huh! In the end we have decided to spend two weeks in Negril at CN and CSA but might come in handy for us down the road. Good luck and enjoy!


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