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    Default CSA Garden Verandah Suite Pics

    Does anyone have any pics of a Garden Verandah Suite they could share? This will be our first trip to CSA having gone multiple times to CN & CSS. We wanted to book a Beachfront Suite because I like the look of the original rooms vs. the new ones (verandahs are the new ones I think). Our TA said that the only rooms left for a 4/9 arrival is Garden Suites, Attrium Suites or the Garden Verandah Suite. Since only the Garden Verandah has a mini bar, it was our only choice. I know you don't spend much time in the room but my wife takes forever to get ready to go out at night and I usually just chill on the balcony with a drink (or 2) so I need the mini bar. Any pics would be appreciated.Ya Mon!!

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    You should go for the Atrium Suites. It doesn't have a mini-bar, but I think you'll like it better and at CSA there are bars everywhere. The Atrium are true Caribbean rooms. Lots of personality and the verandahs are huge and have a double hammock. Good luck deciding.

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    We have stayed in a Garden Verandah suite both times we have visited CSA and will be returning and staying in one in a few weeks. Here are a few pictures from our last trip. You will love CSA and the Garden Verandah suites!

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    Hi rjammin,
    I looked at the few pics of the ocean verandah suite I have of the one we stayed in which is exactly like the garden rooms. They're not too good. My best advice is to go to the Couples Swept Away link at the top of the page and click on it. Go to the bottom left of the page and click on the "Maps & Panoramic Views". Click on the "c for the Garden & Ocean Verandah Suite and you'll see a great presentation of the rooms. Our second floor verandah view was almost totally blocked by foliage so try to get a first or third floor room for a decent view. Enjoy your time in paradise!

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    I guess I didn't attach the photos properly. If you look on the website, the rooms are exactly as depicted in photos.

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    Thanks to all for your responses. Love this message board.... almost as much as I love Couples!!!!

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    Thanks for the link to the pics! We booked a garden verandah suite for our upcoming stay but now I'm confused. The pics I've seen show two mirrors behind the bed and the tv is a flat screen that is mounted on the wall. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong! I actual like the room better without the cat eye mirrors behind the bed but that tv is tiny. I thought all the verandah suite rooms came with flat screen tv's.

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    Well mstravelbug I'm sorry to say that the cat eye mirrors are the norm in the verandah suites. The TVs are flat screen models inside the cabinet and as far as we were concerned they were plenty big enough.
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    Default Gvs

    My husband and I returned from CSA on Dec. 24th and stayed in a Garden Verandah Suite! We picked it also because of the TV and the minibar...however we weren't in our room much, it was nice to have a TV just to wind down at night. Our room had a flat screen with the windows with shutters however another couple we were with had the two mirrors with a smaller flat screen. They style of the rooms were identical besides those few minor changes. Here are a few pictures from our room. If you are a light sleeper the GVS might not be for you because the Jamaicans drive their noisy motorcycles all night but we were sooo exhausted everynight we slept right through everything! I am tryin to upload pictures and it keeps telling me failed so if you send me your email address I will send some pictures of our room!
    Hope this helps!

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    nkweis - please email me the pictures at

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    So which rooms in the Garden Verandah Suites have just the shutters behind the bed? Just curious. Also for NKWEIS which floor were you on during your stay?

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    If you have a room on the end then you will have a window with wooden shutters instead of the cat eye mirrors.

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    nkweisbeck Can you email also your pictures of your room. We booked the Garden Verandah Suites for our trip in December, yes December 2010! Needed the mini Bar and TV, but couldnt quite pull enough cash for the Ocean or Beach Verandah's!

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    Do these rooms have regular outlets in the bathrooms for flat irons? I could not see them in the pictures that are posted here. At CN we had to use the outlets in the bedroom area to get ready. If they don't have then what do I need to buy so they will work in the bathroom? Thanks!

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