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    I will have completed my PADI book work & pool work before arriving at CSA, but will need to complete my 4 dives for certification.
    I've read on the message board that the full PADI course is $365 but can't find any post that mentions how much it costs to do just the 4 certification dives with an instructor.

    Thanks for any info!

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    We were there two years ago and my padi open water course was 180 i believe. I am not sure how much the individual dives would be...are you doing the advanced open water dives? I would recommend that you just do the PADI book and water dives at the may be a little cheaper and it only takes a day to do. You could complete all your book work the first day since you cant dive until 24hrs after you land anyways.

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    $250.00 is the cost for the completion of the ocean work at Couples

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    Thank you!
    Books & pool work this weekend, CSA on Wednesday, woohoo!

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