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    Default Room service at cti

    Is room service offered at CTI?

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    Continental Breakfast only. However you can take your meal back to your room to eat and the resort is small, so not a huge problem.

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    Never been but from what I understand from here… Continental breakfast is available but not full breakfast of anything else… Again, I have not been yet. I am sure someone else will give you a better answer….

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    A continental breakfast is available for delivery to your room in the morning. There will be a form hanging on the door handle; fill it out and place it on the door handle outside of your room. Staff will collect the forms in the evening and deliver your breakfast the next morning at the time you've specified.
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    Yes it is, but only for breakfast. It is a cold breakfast with cereal, rolls, bagals, lox, danish, milk, coffee and tea.
    You fill out a request and leave it on your front door before you retire with the time you want it delivered. They are very prompt with the time they bring it.

    The only Couples resort that has full room service is CSS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richli2 View Post
    The only Couples resort that has full room service is CSS
    They should fix that! Randymon????
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    We were at CTI in 07 and we ordered roomservice breakfast 3-4 times while we were there. It was good. They had these great chocolate pastries things which I absolutely loved. So if anyone knows if they have those still please post cuz we will be there in 97 days!! Also it was nice cuz it was quick and we could just throw on our suits and start the day!

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    chocolate croissants? If that was it, yes, they still had them. On the menu it just said pastry assortment. But I did get them. YUM!

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    We loved the breakfast at CSS, with cheese and regular croissants. Any luck we will get that at CTI? We will be where end of March.

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