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    Default CTI May 24th-29th, anyone else???

    We are going to be at TI this week in May and just wondering if anyone else out there will be too? This will be our first time at Couples!!! We are already counting down the days!!

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    Hoping to join you sometime that week...Will be our 2nd time to TI.
    Still working on exact dates at the moment.

    Like your psoting name.

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    Check out the "Meet-Up At Couples" Board. There are posting of people for most months. We'll be there in March. Some nice organized person created a spreadsheet for our month.

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    We will be there at the beginning of May (4th-12th) Check out the “Meet-up At Couples” thread and you will see posts of others who will be there at the same time as you….

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    We will be there May 17-27

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