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    Default HELP me please quickly if you can - atrium suites CSA

    we are having a milestone anniversary (10 years yayyy - )we have been to CN once 9 years ago for a delayed honeymoon and loved it -- it has been our dream to go back to couples one day -- we have been to jamaica 5 times after that CN first trip but it became out of reach and so we basically budget traveled till now.
    my husband and I are ready like - very ready to book SWEPT AWAY right away-- I want the older section becuase I like the idea of being in the center of the property in an atrium suite and for the first time in my life I am going to try to do without a TV -- I am hoping that this is going to help my well being and help me to be able to do what a vacation is supposed to:: DESTRESS A PERSON meaning me.
    My husband is coming around somewhat to agree with me that the atrium suite would be nice becuase of the location and seclusion it will afford -- we both love new decors and originaly started out looking at beachfront vearndahs, then we lost the dates on those - then we thought Ocean verandahs and basically have to change our dates some to snag one of the last one of them but through all that I kept coming back to the older section and these atrium suites (of course the beach suites are sold out in old section) he still wanted the newer section but I do not want to be in a building close to 20 other people coming and going (the bigger newer buildings that have more rooms...) FINALLY he said he would defer to what I decided YAYYYY
    so now after all my long winded conversation here I need help..
    I know the atrium rooms are the same in that the only thing they do not have is the TV -- I was told by YVONNE at 1 800 couples that they have minibar liquors -- is this true... also I understand that the louvered shutters have screens on the outside to protect against the bugs (thanks gosh) but do they also have glass panes? also if they dont have glass panes doesn the room chill down enough with the A/C? lastly are these atrium rooms bigger than the rooms on the new section ...? being that this is the OLDER section are these rooms well maintained -- I dont want to be icked out - the balconies in the older section actaully look nicer do from what I think is because each one is on a corner and has side views as well as forward.-- do they all have hammocks? I am seeing differnt things for differnt reviews and pictures on TA and am starting to get confused..I have a map that has numbered buildings on it - it was sent to me from Cust. service -- anything else anyone may want to interject, suggest or tell me would be greatly appreciated -- Thanks so much -- Francine sorry for any typos

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    I can honestly tell you that the new section is just as romantic and secluded. The last time we were at CSA we our "block" was full but we never knew it. Also if you book and request a corner room you have the slats on the windows. There are also many people who LOVE the old section, when we were there they were renovating them so I believe that they are well maintained. Regardless of what you choose I am sure you will be happy as CSA is AWESOME! GOOD LUCK!

    Would you be willing to send me the map with the numbered sections on it?? (i can send my e-mail address to you) Or would anyone else for that matter who has it send it to me? or post it up here? Thanks!

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    No minibar and no glass on the windows.

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    Default information

    in regards to my trip about 2 years ago for our honeymoon my wife and i booked the atrium suite. We stayed there for about two nights before transferring to the garden suites. They were in the process of upgrading some but we werent happy with especially the upkeep of the grout in the bathroom.
    As for the windows...some had glass panes and some did not however the AC unit did a good job of keeping the room cool.
    As for the TV, we didnt like the fact that there was not a tv in the atrium suite however it was nice to be a little closer to the beach and our suite at the time was next to where they do the weddings so that was neat to see also.

    Thats about all i can remember but make sure you take dress clothes for the 'upscale' restaurants so you meet the dress code.


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    We've stayed in atriums the past 18 years. The rooms are well maintained, bathrooms were just updated. All atriums have hammocks. There were no mini bars in the rooms in December. (lots of opportunities to pick up refreshments enroute to the room) Hardly ever needed the a/c as the ceiling fan and breezes were perfect. Look on this message board for further information.

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    My husband woud like to know "if 10 years is a milestone, what's 30?" LOL

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    A mileboulder? LOL
    Quote Originally Posted by EllenandJohn View Post
    My husband woud like to know "if 10 years is a milestone, what's 30?" LOL

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    we have 17 years together and 10 married -- yes to make it that far these days in my opinion is a milestone -- as compared to your 30 -- wowww and congratulations - you have the "sanctity" of marriage down and i hope one day I can say I am having my
    30th for either "together" date or wedding anniversary


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    Ohhhh.....You sound like your really stressing!! We stayed in the atrium suite a couples of yrs ago for our 25th. It was fabulous. Private, lush vegetation, great location. The AC worked just fine. Didn't miss a mini bar, the AC worked just fine, and I refuse to watch TV when in a tropical paradise. Having said that, I think any suite at this resort would be nice. Relax you'll have a great time.

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    Default I am booked not stressed now

    I can not wait ... bring it.

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    Francine - we originally booked an atrium room on our last trip in August. We were upgraded to a beachfront suite. Basically they are identical except the BFS has a mini-bar and is closer to the beach. They are both amazing rooms with very large balconies/patios. The air conditioning worked great in August when it was VERY hot. We loved Swept Away so much we are returning first week of February and staying in an atrium. We are celebrating our 41st wedding anniversary!!!! You will love CSA it is a calming magical place.

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    I think each atrium room may be a little different, depending on the floor and when it was upgraded. My husband was also hesitant about lack of TV, but he never missed it. For his daily " sports fix" we walked to the wonderful sports complex and watched ESPN as we played billiards and drank smoothies. Our atrium window did have glass on the windows around the room under the wood slates and only had screens on the door. We were on the first floor so not much of a breeze, ac was fine Room always cool. Possibly atrium suites on second floor only have screens, in order to let a breeze thru the room. I LOVE these rooms and the large terrace. Our bathroom was very clean and nice. Try not to stress about the room and the TV, it will all work out great!

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    Thank you all for your wonderful replies.
    we feel so blessed to be able to make this trip this year...
    I think Couples Swept Away is going to be the best vacation we have ever had. now if I can only decide if I would like to request an upper or lower beachfront suite I would be perfect....
    oh happy day....

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