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    My wife and I are coming to Couples Negril this Sunday. We are avid golfers and looking forward to Negril Hills. Is the rental club selection any good? We are concerned about our clubs getting "lost" in the airport. Also do we book times or just book a place on the shuttle a day ahead? Could use your advice folks.

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    If you are avid golfer, bring your own. I could never play well with rentals. We bought good travel covers for our trips, wheels and tons of extra space in them for stuff, never a concern about losing them. They will store your clubs at the course for your entire vacation, no lugging them back and forth.

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    If you're avid golfers you probaly won't be happy with the rental clubs. Your clubs should be fine getting there and getting home if you have a decent travel cover for them. A suggestion if you have to buy a travel bag, buy a generic name travel bag instead of a well known golf name like Taylor Made, Callaway or Ping. It may not draw as much attention to your clubs.

    Book your times the day before. The shuttle leaves at 8am and 1pm. I think the afternoon rounds tend to be 9-hole rounds but i'm not 100% certain. If you're taking the shuttle, plan to be gone from the resort for 5-6 hours.

    My wife and I golfed twice when we were there. We hired a "taxi" to get us to Negril Hills for 7:00am. The cost was $40US return. We grabbed a coffee and a bagel before we left. We walked the course. It's very hilly, but very walkable with someone else carrying your clubs. We asked the cab driver to pick us up at 10:00. We play quickly but not fast. We were back on the beach with pastries and coffee in our hands before 10:30.


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    We are taking our clubs when we go in April, I have seen postings here stating that the clubs available are not good. Someone even posted that they looked as though Noah must have used them to tee off from the deck of the Ark

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    I agree bring your own clubs - We have travelled with our clubs every year, and have never had an issue. We have soft wheeled bags for our clubs, and have never had any damage.

    As far as booking tee times is concerned, just go to the concierge the day before to get your name on the list for the shuttle.

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    We always rent when we golf at Negril, because while we enjoy golf, we're not particularly good at it. We normally get a single round in when we go.

    When we do travel with our clubs (our son lives and works in the Pinehurst, NC area), we use tough soft covers with lots of padding and a head cover protector... its one of those umbrella devices with an adjustable length shaft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    ... we use tough soft covers with lots of padding and a head cover protector... its one of those umbrella devices with an adjustable length shaft.
    We use soft covers as well. We looked at one of those head cover protectors then my BRILLIANT wife came up with the idea of using our old adjustable ball retrievers instead. They worked GREAT!! We extended them to the right length, locked them in place, then wrapped a towel around the top so it didn't poke through the cover.


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    I played Negril Hills twice last year (for the first time) and I'm by no means a great golfer, but his time I'm taking my own clubs. The rentals are bad -- I mean, bad AND it's going to cost you between $40-50 to rent them. Do yourself a favor and bring your clubs.... We are going again in April and all for of the guys (golfers) are going to bring their clubs -- the wives will be laying on the beach...

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    Gee you people are making me feel terrible about not getting to take another CSA trip this past December and playing Negril Hills again. I agree with everyone who says to bring your own clubs. I have a no-name travel bag with wheels on it from Dick's Sporting Goods. I lighten up my bag, carrying only the essentials (balls, tees, gloves, towel and shoes). It's easy to grab a handle and wheel it through the airport. It's manually handled separately from the other bags so I've never experienced any damage to my clubs. No Problem Mon! My buddies and I also walked the course with the caddies and it's a good time. Unless you hit it dead straight expect the hard fairways to provide a lot of extra roll, usually into trouble. Ask for caddies Ronnie or Nevel and tell them Steve from NY sends his regards. ENJOY!

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    I have been playing negril hills since it only had 9 holes in the 80's alot has changed in the last year and a half they now have taylormade clubs for rentals and i'm pretty sure when we were there in oct of this year they also had a few sets of callaways.So unless you plan on playing 3 or more rounds I would use there clubs and i'm sure you wont be disappointed.If you plan on renting clubs the cost for clubs,caddie ,cart and tip will run you approx 75u.s. per round.

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