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    Default Sand Ceremony???

    I've seen alot of picures of couples that are doing the sand ceremony at CSA. Just curious if the sand ceremony is included into the wedding, and where is a good place to find the sand ceremony sets?


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    Default or ca. from Canada, have some really nice sand ceremony sets. I read somewhere that after the ceremony before signing the register (or right after) you do the sand ceremony.

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    YOu need to provide the sand and the vase or whatever you are pouring it into and you need to let them know when you get to the resort that you are wanting to do it. They take care of the rest. We didn't want an hour glass or anything like that, so we used a decorative jar and it turned out really pretty, and we added a shell that we bought on the beach. Be warned to get it wrapped really well on your last day at the gift shop and DO NOT put it in your carry on. We made this mistake and the customs agents thought it was drugs and shook the package unwrapped it and spilled it. So it now looks like sand in a jar (it use to have swirls of color in it). NOt a big deal. The sand ceremony was beautiful.

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    Normally it's done after the ceremony. There are a lot of kits online and I think Michaels has some as well.

    I had read a lot of couples that did the sand ceremony had difficulty getting it home. Not all of them, but some. The sand keeps settling after you have put it in the container, so it leaves a gap at the top, which allows the sand to move in the jar and get all mixed up when traveling home. The colors weren't defined like they were when it was done.

    I did a rock ceremony. We left the rocks in the chairs for our guest and Lionel, our officiant, read a little saying for us and then we gave markers to them after the wedding and asked that they write their wishes for us and sign it. Then give it back before they left. We sprayed them with a clear lacquer and will be able to keep them in our home for our own memories of our special day. We have the sun, some fish, the beach and lots of wonderful wishes from our dear friends.

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    Thanks Apprentice you are very helpful. I love the idea of the rocks. What kind and size of rocks did you guys have? Was it difficult traveling with them? I'm really thinking about doing that instead of the sand ceremony, if you don't mind me stealing your idea?

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    Default sand ceremony

    We did a sand ceremony from We gave the minister the reading that came with it.He cut it down a bit.It was at no extra charge.We used the kit to screen the sand from the area of the beach we got married on instead of colored sand.It is beautiful and hopefully a family heirloom.

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    I am so sorry I didn't check this message sooner. If you want to email me directly I can give you the info on the rocks in more detail.

    We used ones that you can get at Michaels or any hobby store, they were a light beige color, and they are usually used in the base of planters. Normally the big fake trees or plants. They are smooth and about the size of a golf ball on the average, but not round more flat. We also brought back some of the beach where we were married, so we can use it in a sand ceremony here in the states. We are doing a party for our family and friends that couldn't make it, have a VERY SHORT blessing of our marriage and do the sand ceremony, using the sand we brought back as the base and adding the 2 colors like you would normally. I figured that way it will be have time to settle on it's own without being jumbled in the travels from Jamaica to US.
    Email me and I will give you the reading.
    Sorry for the delay! and congrats

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