Late Review (I wrote this on the flight back and forgot to post it)
We were at CTI from 12/10/09 to 12/14/09

I want to start by saying that my wife and I had a wonderful time at CTI this week. We have been to CSS twice and had spent a day at CTI (Trading Places). Our most recent trip to CSS was July 2009. I thought that this perspective of two trips to the two resorts might be helpful for those trying to find the right place for them. There are some similarities and some differences between the two resorts.

Transfer from Mo Bay-basically the same. The bus stops at CSS first to let off passengers and then arrives at CTI about 5 minutes later.

Check in-great at both places. Bell staff is great, friendly and waiting with a cool towel. At CSS we got champagne, but at CTI he went to the main bar and got us a Red Stripe.

Room- To be honest we don’t spend much time in the room, but CSS is clearly larger. It is a two room suite, with a bedroom and a sitting room (or area). The room at CTI was more like a hotel room. The balcony is awesome at both with a great view of the ocean. But the balcony at CSS was a bit bigger. Both were great for sitting and sipping coffee and watching the sunrise (or set). Having the minibar at CSS was a plus. There were several times at CTI that I thought I would like a drink but I would have had to walk to a bar for it.

Bars-CTI has the Main bar which is nice. Pretty busy but good service. It was easy to pop over during the entertainment and get a drink. There is also the Piano bar which was great. Lots of old charm with pictures of famous guests. They had sing-a-longs at night. The new Swim-up bar was nice. The service was very good here. I lost my lighter and one of the bar tenders loaned me his lighter until I got my cigar going. There is also a Juice bar down below at the beach level which was good.

CSS has the Main beach bar which is great because it is right by the beach. It is centrally located but the service was sometimes a little slow. There is a swim up bar at the main pool. The Balloon bar was the center of activities in the evening for Showtime. They also have sing a long and karaoke. There is also a juice bar by the mineral pool but we didn’t use it much.

Pools-CTI has the original/Main pool which was redone in the remodel. There is a new Swim-up bar pool which seemed to be the most active. There are also several hot tubs.

CSS has the Main pool which is in the center of everything at the beach level. There is an upper pool which is by the Balloon bar and doesn’t seem to get much use. There is also the mineral pool which is right by the workout facilities and has a great view out of the cove.

AN-we loved both, but they are very different!
CTI-Tower Island is aweome. It is an island in the middle of the Caribbean. The pool is really small. It has a swim up bar that has great service (Go Kimoni!). When we were there in the summer the pool was packed. In December, the pool was pretty empty. The Island had about 10-15 couples every day in December. The last day that we were there the island was closed due to high winds. Another day the island closed at 300 for a wedding. No food available on the island. They actually ran out of Red Stripe when we were there in the July. Not much of a beach on the island, mostly rock.

Sunset Beach is also amazing! You can lay on the sand, under a little palm shelter and look out to the horizon on SSB. The beach is large--about 75 yards long and pretty deep (30 yards). If you don't like the beach you can head over to the large pool or the hot tub. There is a swim up bar with great service (Go Jhaneal!). They have food during the lunch hour with a grill and some selections from the main buffet. There were between 5 and 20 couples there depending on the day. SSB is never closed due to winds, but at 5:00p it is open to clothed folks.

Restaurants-Both are great. We liked Bayview (at CTI) the best because of its location. It sits out on the water and is very romantic at night. Honestly, there isn't any bad food. We had lots of great meals at both CTI and CSS.

Grounds-CSS is much more lush. It feels more like a resort with paths that wind around through the tropical jungle. CTI feels more like a hotel. Buildings with sidewalks beside them. Upkeep on both is immaculate.

I hope this is helpful. We love Couples. We will continue to go back. CSS is our "home" but we had a wonderful vacation at CTI. I think at some point we will have to try CSA and CN just to experience the entire Couples world.
John and Heidi