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    Hi, we are getting married at CN in May and I want to prepare OOT bags for our guests. Does the resort charge to deliver the bags to the rooms of our guests or hand them out as they check in? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!!

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    We were wondering the same thing. We are getting married May 1st at CSA. If anybody has any insight please let us know.

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    Does anyone have any good ideas about what to put in the bags?

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    Does anyone have any ideas about what to put in the OOT bags?

    I thought of water cameras, sunscreen,......

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    We did bags for our guests, it was a beach with their names embroidered on them. We filled them with all kinds of things including sunscreen, candles, matches, music cd of our wedding music, etc. I had also spent months collection just some silly things that meant something to all of us. We also wrote a letter to our guests letting them know what the plans were and everthing that CN had to offer for them to do. It was our 3 visit, but their first.

    Anyway, the front desk at CN was wonderful and handed the bags out as each of our guests as they checked in. There was no charge for this and they handled it beautifully.

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    I was married at CSA and did 1 OOT bag for my guests at a pre-party we had here in Missouri. I let them choose from different colored large beach bags, I put travel candles, matches, bug spray, sunscreen and a banadana and a schedule of events. Then I took with me to CSA a smaller bag and put 2 pairs of sunglasses and ankle bracelets for the girls along with silver and white beads to wear after the wedding.

    I asked if they would put them in the rooms and they advised that they don't put anything in the rooms, but I did not ask them to hand them out to my guests. But since we all traveled together and arrived at the resort at the same time, it would have been difficult to do. So I handed them out at the reception. Worked fine!

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