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    Default CN - Walking the beach?

    Just wondering if anyone had any problems walking along the public beach area north of CN. I'd like to take long walks in the early morning by myself (during daylight hours of course) and go further than just where the resort ends. I understand some people will ask you to buy certain things, but just wondering if safety was ever an issue, especially when walking alone. Thanks!

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    I've walked all the way to the end of the RIU farthest from CN. That's pretty much the end of Bloody Bay. Walked it several times with no problems at all.

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    I'm not sure which way is north, but you can walk both ways as far as you can walk, with no problems. We've walked both ways all the way to the ends, usually everyday. I usually walk with hubby, but would not be worried if I were alone. There are many other tourists doing the same thing as you.

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    No worries - Walk on!

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    No problems at all. My wife and I took that walk at least once a day for the week we were there on both of our trips to CN. We never had a problem.

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    Been to CN 6 times previous and we walked the beach twice a day, never a problem ever. Yes, vendors may ask you to look at their wares trying to make a living but just say "respect" to them and they will not bother you.

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    It is a great walk, just far enough! I never did it alone, with Peggy or with my husband, but I don't think I would have been afraid to do it alone. The only area that is wide open without a resort is by the Office of Nature and where SSAP Beach is. Other than that you have the other resorts and guests.

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    Default wonderful walk

    we have walked all the way to the end of the beach every morning of every trip. nice people and just a great walk. enjoy it and no worries mon.


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    We were there two weeks ago. We walked with no worries. We were hailed by several vendors though, and made a couple of purchases.

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