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    Default Just made reservations for CSA in Feb!

    This is our first time visit and I'm very excited to get away without the kids! We decided on CSA after reading all the reviews. Any suggestions on "must dos"??? Thanks!

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    Must dos........

    Lemongrass...amazing restaurant set on the top floor of The Palms. Talk about service, atmosphere, and the most yummy food. It quickly became my favorite place to eat at CSA.

    Do not miss the bonfire on the beach on Wed nights. For the most perfect movie date you'll ever have visit the beach for movie night with fresh popcorn.

    Visit the Martini bar...great guys and killer Martinis.

    Venture around the resort and discover all CSA has to offer.

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    Congrats on booking a vacation with kids! You are going to love it!

    Make sure you go to the Martini Bar above the Palms. Go's romantic and relaxing. Take a stroll across the property at night, it's very romantic. Have someone bring you a drink while you lie on the beach. Have fun! We go for our second time this October.

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    Hi - We go to CSA in April and we can't wait!!! I got upset then when you said the bonfire was on a wednesday as thought won't be there on that day! But then checked and I am - which is fab as want to go to one of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I check - On Tripadvisor lots of people sensible say to avoid the mossie bites etc avoid the beach at sunset etc - But I am assuming the bonfire is on the beach..... What will I dooooooo..........

    I'm making a note of all these tips as only there 4 nights so don't want to miss anything major!

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    I have just booked for august for 2 weeks for our honeymoon, so excited and cant wait to do everything, movie on the beach, bonfire, the martinis we are especially excited about as that is the theme of our wedding so cannot wait! 8 months is too long!

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    Just bring bug spray or bug wipes before heading to the beach at night, and you'll be fine.

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    Meet up with us....we are there from 2 Feb for 2 blissful weeks

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