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    Default should I get the Couples trip insurance or wait

    I am getting ready to book a return vacation home to CSA in November 2011, and wonder whether I should get the trip insurance now or should I wait and buy it later, since according to the Love Away Plan I can cancel up to 45 days and still get my money back

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    You have to buy the trip insurance at the same time you purchase the trip if you want complete coverage. Some companies will let you purchase a few days before your trip, but you will pay LOTS more money and have a ton of restrictions on the plan. Buy it now and save the money. Couples insurance company will only let you purchase the insurance when you book the reservation.
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    I may be wron but I thought you could only purchase it at time of booking.

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    I think you have to book the insurance when you book the Love Away plan.

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    Sorry - can I ask - this trip plan - do you mean travel insurance? or is this something else. We are from the UK and have full insurance - covers accidents, normal activities etc - is this the same thing?


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