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    We will be attending our first Couples resort in May for our honeymoon and I have read about all of the restaurants at CSA and they all sound great but haven't seen anything about sushi. We are big sushi fans, do any of the restaurants have this and if so is it any good?

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    from our trip two years ago at csa there was not a sushi chef...they did have some jamacian sushi one night at the 'around the world dinner' but it wasnt very good. if anyone knows anything different id like to know also.

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    No authentic sushi to be found. They do make a "Jamaican sushi" that is quite good, but not the real deal.

    But don't despair. If you like sushi I assume that you are up to try different food fare. Please try the Jamaican dishes and familier foods cooked in a distinctly Jamaican style. You won't find these any where else and they make eating at CSA an adventure not to be missed. Try all the restaurants if time allows. Not only for dinner, but breakfast and lunch as well.

    Experiment and experience! You will love CSA.

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    CN has sushi.
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    the sushi isn't "real" sushi like you'd find in Japan or in sushi bars here in the US. they have smoked marlin on rice and cream cheese with salmon in a roll. if you're looking for toro or unagi or anything unique, not so much here....but then again, Jamaica isn't a place known for it's sushi anyway....You'll have plenty of chance to eat seared salmon or other kinds of fish prepared fantastically. Try the sushi, and you'll enjoy it, but just don't expect what you're used to and you'll be fine.

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    Actually, there is a good sushi (yes, its marlin) on the lunch menu at SeaGrapes. Its not much, to be sure, but it is tasty and is served with wasabi. I'm not a big afficianado, so take that with a grain of rice...

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