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    My wife and I are returning for our second trip this April. If there are any younger couples ( late 20's to 30's) that enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling etc let us know. It was nice last time to meet a couple and do some activities together.


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    Travis -- we have 4 couples going to Swept Away the 17th-24th..... 2 couples of us it will be our 4th time to CSA -- the other 2 couples are noob's...

    Two couples just turned forty -- but we don't have kids -- so we're 30's -- or act that way. The four guys will be doing all the activities -- golf, scuba, volleyball, etc while the ladies get the rays....

    We were there last year the same week.... Hope to see you down there.... There are pictures of all us are on the APRIL Pictures link above...


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    sounds good man, keep in touch and we'll see you guys around the resort.
    I cant wait to get down there.


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