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    Default CSA in one day!!!! advice needed

    I could not be more excited about this upcoming trip to CSA and looking forward to seeing why everyone comes back year after year. I am leaving saturday morning and staying in the great house for 10 nights. Me and my Gf are both 25 and love meeting new people to hang out with, play volyball, margaritaville ect. and wanted to know if anyone else is going around the same time as us would love to meet up during our stay.

    Also a few last minute questions. How is the dress code for the resturants? Would I be able to wear a nice t shirt khaki shorts and italian dress sandals to dinner or do they require mens dress pants? Also I am proposing to my girlfriend the second night there any advice as to how to go about this, romantic ideas for night time, things to do ect? I understand this resort is built around romance so any advice for the WOMEN out there would be great.

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    You're on you own except for the advice about the dress code at the restaurants. The wardrobe you describe will probably be ok for Palms and for Patois Patio. I'd still recommend a button down shirt or two. Loose the t's and sandals for Feathers! Strictly slacks, button-down shirt and closed toed shoes. You do NOT want to miss Feathers, and some of the ladies here might consider this a romantic option for your big surprise. Perhaps you can arrange something with the maitre'd?

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    The outfit that you describe for yourself is fine for Patois and The Palms at dinner. It would probably work for Lemongrass, although Bob tends to wear a polo shirt at Lemongrass. It won't work at all for Feathers - you need slacks and closed toe shoes for Feathers. I plan to pack a lot of dresses for myself at night - it's just easier for me than coordinating shorts and tops.

    We are arriving on January 24, and also staying 10 days. I hope that we get a chance to see you!

    As far as where to propose, hmmmm, there are several lovely koi ponds scattered throughout the property that have bridges crossing over them that are somewhat secluded and still have a view of the ocean (these are near the Great House). You would be surrounded by lush greenery, too. That could be romantic for a proposal.

    Best of luck with the proposal! Bob and Judy from Buffalo.

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