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    Default Dive lesson question at CN

    Now that we have booked our trip to CN....I love saying that....I was certified open water PADI many years ago and haven't been diving in a long time. I would like to get back into it and also introduce my fiancee to diving while in CN.

    Do they offer any type of introductury lessons at CN??

    Thank you

    Doug and Sue Anne

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    they will probably have you do a quick refresher (about $50), to check out your basic skills. Make sure you take your C card and log book with you. Have fun.

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    Yes they offer a free refresher/intro course in the pool. Then after that they take you down about 20-30 ft on a reef and on about a 20mn dive.

    After I did the intro I decided to get certified. Sugar and Richard at the dive shop are great.

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    They absoluytely do. She can take the resort course. there will be a Q and A sheet and video, then some pool time to get used to the equipment and get comfortable with it. I believe a swim test. All done in the morning. Then she'll be able to get in the water in the afternoon. 1st "resort" dive is free any others are like $50 each. Since its been a while for you they will want you to take a refresher course. From that point on your dives are free. she can also get certified at CN for I believe $375. Good luck!

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    Ditto whatever one else said.

    Sugar, Craig and Richard are the dive instructors at CN. Everyone at the CN dive shop is awesome!

    Also -- make sure that you both can answer "no" to everything on the medical questionnaire. The link is on the PADI website and also in the FAQs. If any medical waiver is required, recommend you see a stateside doc and take the waiver with you. To visit a JA doctor is at least $60USD.

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    Thanks for all the info everyone....much appreciated

    Doug and Sue Anne

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    Doug...Wife and I are in the same boat as you..if $$ is a factor..don't make the mistake we did & tell watersports we were certified but will cost ya....just tell them you want to try diving, and the introductory dive experience is free, quick(& a good refresher if it's been a while)'ll get a good dive for free that way

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    Thanks for the info everyone!!!

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