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    Default Deluxe wedding photo package?

    Hi All,

    we're considering doing the $3,500 package with all the extra stuff, and we're wondering what is included in the deluxe photo package?
    Also, was that whole package worth the $3,500? Any one else do this? Let us know. Thank you!!!
    568 days til we're married in paradise!!!

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    no has chosen this package??

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    Are you using the resort photographer?
    We used Ralston at CSA, had a sunset wedding, no Video - some friends did some of it and that was fine. Our package included some photo's, but we did upgrade to 40 photo's on a DVD and no prints. The cost was only 10.00 MORE than what we already paid for. Trying to remember, but don't want to misquote you. You can ask Debbie Hall and she will get you all the prices. Remember it's 7.00/photo above the quantity you choose before the wedding.

    I couldn't tell you about the 3500.00 package. I didn't know they had one that expensive. The off resort photographers do though.

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    Too expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Yeah I honestly have no clue what package you're talking about. That's ridiculously expensive...the reason nobody has responded to your questions is b/c I doubt anyone has ever bought that package. At least as long as I've been on the message board, which is about 2 years, I've never read about anyone getting this package. I might reconsider if I were you...

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    We are thinking about a Sunset Wedding at CSA with a resort photographer...would you mind sharing your pictures? If you don't mind, please, email me at thanks.

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    this is what the $3500 package includes:

    Ultimate Wedding Package
    We invite you to live the dream of your most magical day in remarkably romantic surroundings. We are dedicated to providing you with the perfect ingredients to bring your fantasy richly and fully to life.

    Minister, photographer and wedding coordinators accompany you to ensure a gorgeous ceremony that includes cake, champagne, photos and marriage certificate signing
    Exclusive ceremony at the "Sunset Hour"
    Customized mini-bar stocked daily with your favorite liquors from our bars
    Express in-room check-in
    Private car airport transfers
    Private sunset cruise on a scuba boat
    Deluxe photo package to capture those once-in-a-lifetime shots
    Specially decorated dinner table for your wedding night feast
    Mento band to play for your wedding ceremony
    Two personalized champagne flutes
    Personalized wedding certificate holder
    Personalized knife & cake server
    Matching VIC (Very Important Couple) shirts
    A special surprise VIC gift delivered to your room
    Couples Resorts "Thank You" cards
    Late checkout (upon availability)
    Special "Just Married" breakfast in bed the day after your wedding
    Bottle of Moet champagne & chocolate-covered fruits in your room
    Romantic dinner on the beach any night during your stay
    Upgraded bouquet
    Two keepsake "Couples Resorts" robes
    In-room couples massage

    ANyone do this option??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shun817 View Post

    We are thinking about a Sunset Wedding at CSA with a resort photographer...would you mind sharing your pictures? If you don't mind, please, email me at thanks.
    Just an FYI - There's a forum on here with people talking about the Sunset wedding and so far most people have said it's not worth it and would have been better off with a normal daytime ceremony. My husband and I were considering it ourselves until I read what some people had wrote so we decided against it which I'm glad b/c our pics are so bright and colorful! But others did like it so I would do some research and read both the pros and cons before I make that investment. Just a thought...

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    Default Re

    I think if you are going to spend $3500 you should spend it on a good photographer. You will have your pictures forever. Also, most of those things are already included and the rest doesn't seem necessary.

    Just my opinion. You can still customize things the way you want it, with the wedding coordinator.

    Good luck in making a decision!

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    Yes I agree...I think that's way overpriced. If you have that money to spend, spend it on something more tangible. It kind of sounds like your going to be getting a lot of stuff you'll never use again.

    For starters, you get complimentary massages anyways, I wouldn't it in my room, I thought the spa was more relaxing. The have a catermeran cruise you can go on which is included, and we did that at 3 so on the way back the sun was setting and was beautiful! They give you t-shirts with the complimentary wedding. You can get a complimentary breakfast brought to your room free every morning if you want but we LOVED the buffett. I upgraded my bouquet for $35. The minister, cake, etc. was included in the complimentary wedding as well. I guess if you want the flutes and decorated table and stuff like that go ahead, but I really don't think you're getting your money's worth with that package.

    And it's also been said on here that many people have been very disappointed with the sunset wedding. You should really look into that before signing up for it. I just feel like you're kind of getting ripped off. That sounds like a lot of money when most of that stuff is included in the free wedding.

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    thank you so much for all your advice folks. I didn't realize what was included in the 'complimentary' wedding package. Thanks to you all, we're going to save a lot of money!! We're going to add on the few things that we wanted extra (ie. private transport to airport, champagne and chocolate fruits, photo package). We priced that all out and it comes to about $1000-- so you all have saved us about $2500!! Thank you so much!!

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