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    Default When will coordinator call?

    Hi All,

    We booked our August wedding in december and are wondering if/when debbie is going to call us and fill us in with the options and answer any questions. Any one know?? thank you!

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    Debbie just handles the paperwork for the marriage license as far as I know. The only reason I heard from her was because our deadline was getting close and she had not received our notarized documents. I talked to the wedding coordinator on-site in Jamaica about all of the details for the ceremony after we arrived at the resort. Debbie will answer any of your questions and you can just e-mail her directly.

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    debbie e-mailed me and we talked via e-mail. It usually takes her less than a day to reply to any questions you have. Then when you get to your room the information about when you meet with the on-site wedding coordainator is already there.

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    Default Still waiting too

    We are getting married in May and we haven't heard from the wedding coordinator either. My travel agent said they have weddings everyday and they don't see someone as getting married four months away as priority. I just like to be prepared so I don't worry.

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    We were married in June of 2009 and I never received a call from Debbie. I had some questions so I emailed her...she got back to me normally the next day. At CN my on site wedding coordinator was Giselle, she was very good by the way, we met with her the second day we were there to go over the cake color, upgrading my bouquet, pictures and any other details pertaining to the wedding.

    Believe me there is no need to worry...the people at Couples have this wedding thing down to a science. Good luck!

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    As far as your options, picking out your flowers, the cake, etc. all of that is done once you arrive at the resort. No worries, no fears, all will be wonderful.

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    Check out this website and message board for a lot of your answers. Also Debbie will answer your emails with questions you may have and a lot of us brides that have been married at a Couples resort will help answer your questions as well. It really is a no fuss time for you, but I do understand wanting to know when and how. But just ask out here on the message board and I'm sure you will get your answers.

    if you want more details, I'd be more than happy to give you every detail of my wedding you can email me at I was married on Nov 5, 2009 on the beach at sunset.

    Congratulations and keep asking questions.

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    Which resort were you at?

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