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    Default CSA - Catamaran Cruise Concerns

    My hubby and I have been to CSS, CN and CSA and have never been on the catamaran cruise. Has anyone had bad experiences? Like, people getting sick, etc? We are nervous it is "amateur hour" and a bunch of drunks getting sick off the side of the boat.
    We are going back to CSA in April, and bringing some friends with us, and are considering the cruise. I've read on this MB that it is fun, and we should go but...
    Thanks in advance for any advice!!!

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    My husband and I have been to CSA three times. The last time we were there we went on the catamaran cruise twice! It is so much fun! They do offer alcohol onboard to everyone. However, I would not consider it a booze cruise where people get stupid drunk and puking. The take you a long the coast to Rick's Cafe. The scenery along the way is beautiful. Then you stop for 30 min in a cove so people can swim or explore the cave. The staff is wonderful! They are very friendly and outgoing. I have never had a bad experience or sea sick. We are going back to CSA in December and I am sure we will go on another catamaran cruise.

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    Loved it ! Have been twice ,once the sea was very rough but never saw anyone get sick ,did not have that spring break feel just folks enjoying the view along the coast,also grab a life jacket/ski belt from the attendant and jump in when you stop at the cove .You will love swimming into the cave ! Also,when you get on the boat walk to the very back and sit looking towards the horizon it is the best view and if you are prone to sea sickness keeping your eye on the horizon helps. Take a towel to dry off on after you swim too.

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    We were at CN two weeks ago. We took the cruise based on the recommendations of several folks on our airport shuttle trip. We had a blast! The staff on the boat kept things lively with music, drinks and even some dancing. The swim at the caves was fun too. If you are prone to motion sickness, take a Dramamine about 20 minutes before the trip - otherwise just enjoy the ride and the beautiful sunset!

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    In all our years of going to CN we have yet to encounter any sea sick people on the catamaran cruise. Just beware of that catamaran from CN in April. They have been known to have people that will moon you!

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    It wasn't drunks getting sick, it was people who got motion sickness. But this only happened once and it was because the water was rough. In all of our trips, we've never seen people getting sick on the boat due to alcohol. You should definitely go on the cat cruise!
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    Don't miss it, it is eally fun!

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    Loved our trips, never had any problems....

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    The front of the boat seemed to be rougher but nobody got sick. I would recommend going twice. They have different crews and each one has it's own vibe. It's a lot of fun though. They usually serve rum punch and red stripe on tap but I think they have more alcohol too.

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    RDYJMJM... I'm pun intended!!

    Thanks to everyone for the advice and encouragement. I think we will try it this time! Thank you!

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    We found someone on the CSA catamaran that was awake that day. If it wasn't for that I would say that CN guests would never do such a thing.

    Beware of people wearing neon green hats. They enjoy a good time.

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    I have a problem with motion sickness,I even get sick flying and on cruises. I do take a pill for motion sickness so I can tolerate the catamaran cruise. It still bothered me a little, but it was too much fun to miss.

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    The only problem I had with the cruise was while swimming in the caves. The surf blind sided me and tossed me into the rocks. It gave me some serious rock rash on my chest and shoulder blades. Just be careful. It was a very good time. I highly recommend it.

    P.S. I heard that another resort charges $80 per person for the same type of excursion.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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