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    Default What a great messsage board!!! CSA 31 MARCH 2010

    I would just like to say thanks for all the people that write on this message board. It really hs been a great help listening to all your answers to questions, advice and reviews.

    We are getting married in CSA MARCH 31 and I have been on this board constantly. After xmas I promised myself I would post any questions that I had but I can honestly say most of them are on here already!!!

    Looking forward to just relaxing and enjoying our stay just the two of us (leaving the five kids at home with thier nanny!) especially after the madness we have at home.

    Getting ready fo our first time at Couples 11 weeks to go! WOOOHOOO xx

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    I was also glued to this MB before my wedding day and it helped a great deal with all the questions and worries I had about Couples. Though really once I got there I realized I had no need to worry because they treat you like royalty at the resort. So to any brides that read this I would say relax and let the people at couples do what they do daily...which is marry couples and try to make their day FABULOUS in the process.

    My husband and I are already planning another trip back "home" for next year...truly it was like being in a little bit of paradise.

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    March is almost here!! I am getting married in May at CSA, so you have to give us all the details of how your wedding went and any recomendations or changes you would have done. Also I love to see any pics you want to share.
    Good luck and Congrats!

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    Wow! Lucky you. Your wedding is just around the corner. Mine will be at the end of the year.

    Like you, I too, am soo happy to find out that there's a very good resort that has a message board that provides honest reliable feedback from past and present guests. This is one of the key reasons I've decided to get married at a Couples Resort. I can hardly wait to visit. But for now, I guess I'll remain glued to the board. Thanks to all as well and don't forget to keep us informed about your wedding day.

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