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    Default Wedding party gifts

    I'll be getting married in May at Tower Isle, and I was trying to think of good ideas for groomsmen gifts. I like the idea of getting them some custom engraved pilsner glasses with their initials on them, but I'd like to include the Couples logo which prompts two questions:

    Would Couples be ok with me using their logo for gifts?

    If so, does anyone know where I could get a larger image of the logo to send to the glass etcher?

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    That's a really neat present. I would email debbie hall and see what she can do for you on the logo.

    If they are glass, you might reconsider traveling with them, they could get broke going through customs, they don't play nice with your luggage. Then your groomsmen will have to get them back home in one piece as well. You could give them before you leave, then they could decide to travel with or without them. Just a thought.

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