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    Default Reggae Music at Resorts

    Just reading the last posting on the CN Trip Advisor site and the poster mentioned she was a little overloaded with Bob Marley tunes. We're coming in November (hopefully) and I have a question. There's TONS of reggae music out there and I would love to hear what the locals listen to, as well as the Bob Marley standards.

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    There are many, many reggae musicians from the Caribbean Basin, as well as from Africa, Europe and the United States. They run the gamut from UB40 (named after the Unemployment Benefits form #40) from England, to Alpha Blondie (from the Ivory Coast), to Matthew Miller, better known as Matisyahu, a Hassidic Jew from White Plains, NY.

    Reggae music has evolved over the years, and has become somewhat of a family franchise for the Marleys (witness the many sons of Bob Marley who are successful reggae artists), as well as former members of the Wailers who have made their imprint on the genre over the years; among my favorites are Judy Mowatt (one of Marley's I-Threes) and Peter Tosh.

    You'll hear all of these playing on the beach during your stay at just about any resort in the Caribbean. Bob Marley didn't "invent" reggae, but he sure did perfect and popularize it. Don't assume that all the reggae you hear comes from or evolves from him. There were plenty of great musicians on the island back then... Jimmy Cliff... Desmond Dekker... Yellowman... and the list goes on.


    If you want to settle into the vibe, listen to the reggae stations found on Dish Network's radio channels, such as Sirius Radio's "The Joint"; and a number of internet stations, none of whom I can recall at the moment. All of these, however, will display the artists names and song titles.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    You will hear a lot of variety. I love reggae and cant get enough of it. Most people couldn't tell the difference between Bob Marley or anyone else. The music sounds alike and people just assume it's Bob. There are a lot of cover songs out there by many different artists. Just because Bob sang it doesn't mean he wrote it. You will hear a lot of different stuff though but don't assume it's Bob singing just because it sounds like him.

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    There are usually radio in the rooms. They have live music at night and sing a variety of tunes and artists. During the day, the overhead music plays a variety as well but Marley does play more often the most for obvious reasons. Just relax and keep it jiggy 'mon!!

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    There was not a ton of music at CSA. You could hear it in the morning at patois. Other than that, I only heard it sitting at the beach bars, but that is a GOOD thing. I would vote the other way, I heard way to little Bob on my trips to couples.

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    There are beach bars and clubs near CN where you can go to listen to real Reggae and Dancehall- and if you're lucky, catch a live show ( saw Jah Cure in Negril on our last visit )

    At the resort you will get a very watered-down sampling of Classic Reggae - unless you request something from the House Band.

    They do have guest bands come on certain nights...

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    Quote Originally Posted by randijean46 View Post
    ... posting on the CN Trip Advisor site and the poster mentioned she was a little overloaded with Bob Marley tunes.
    randijean - just clarifying that the poster was referring to the resident band music. Some people love the house band, some are not so thrilled. There is also music played over 2 systems in the daytime. 1 over speakers in Cassava/main bar and 1 over speakers near the beachgrill and pool bars . We occasionally hear Bob Marley on them, but not very often. They usually play a good mix of old classics and some newer songs - though the very latest dancehall is typically not played. If you want that, turn on the TV in your room to the local MTV-like station or per WandA's suggestion venture out to a club.

    WandA - where did you see Jah Cure (Alfreds?, Jungle?) Was his voice good (i.e. on key? he often sounds off key to us).

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