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    Default Like to know more about CSS

    Hello Everyone-

    Me and my husband have been to CSA in 2007 now we are interested in taking a trip to CSS in 12/10. We will like to know how CSS compares to CSA? for example the beach, service, restaurants and the rooms.
    Will we enjoy CSS as much as CSA?

    Thank you

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    IMHO opioion CSS is the most beautiful resort in the world. It is the largest in size of all the Couples resort, but yet the smallest amount of rooms (150 rooms) The most common comment is that when you walk around the grounds @ CSS you will like you are the only couple @ the resort. There are so many little nooks and crannies thruout the resort that each time you visit you will discover nwe ones.
    The food, services, activitiies etc etc are at or above Couples resorts standards.
    The only thing is CSA and CN both have much superior beaches. Not that CSS's beach is a bad beach. One thing about the beach @ CSS it is a private beach

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    We had been to CSA 3 times before we tried CSS last January. We LOVED CSS! We honestly felt that the service and food were better at CSS than CSA. I'm sure this is because it is a smaller resort, and the service is just more personalized.

    The beach at CSS is in a private bay, so there are no vendors (except on Tuesdays at the beach party) or jet ski's to disturb the quiet. The sand is a little coarser at CSS than at CSA. Of course, CSA has beautiful 7 mile beach. I liked that there was seaweed and rocks in the cove at CSS - it allowed for some good snorkeling right off the beach. However, others have noted that the bottom can feel a little bit mucky at CSS compared to CSA.

    We stayed in a beachfront jacuzzi suite at CSS; we usually stay in a beachfront verandah suite at CSA. Although the room was slightly nicer at CSS (double sink, and separate sitting area, for example), there's just nothing like being right on the beach like at CSA. I also like my couch on the verandah at CSA.

    While we liked the fitness center and jogging trail at CSS, there is nothing like the fitness center at CSA. I missed my morning swims in the lap pool at CSA.

    The couples massage in the cliff hut at CSS is spectacular and not to be missed. There is nothing like the cool ocean breeze along with listening to the sound of the waves crashing below. It was sheer heaven.

    OK, having said all of this, we are going back to CSA next week. Why? It was a really tough choice, maybe CSA is our first love. But I absolutely adore the beachfront rooms at CSA. They aren't fancy, but they are right on the beach.

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    Default CSA vs. CSS

    We also did CSA first (after trying another nice place) and then visited CSS in Dec. If you are a water-active person, the CSA beach is unbeatable. WE liked everything else better. Smaller, more intimate, better food, prettier. Same drive time from MBJ, was a new look at JM. We will do CSS again in 11 months. It is the prettiest place we have ever visited.

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