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    Default upgrading 1/2 hr couples massage - cost?

    Last year while at CN we upgraded our 1/2 hr repeaters massage to an hour and I can't remember how much we paid for the upgrade. Now that the prices have gone up a little bit I was curious if anyone who has been to CN recently has upgraded to the 55 min. couples massage (added on to the 1/2 hr repeaters massage)? If so - how much did it cost? Just trying to decide how we want to spend our spa credit!


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    I have been told it is $50 per person to upgrade. My finace and I were going to upgrade, but we decided we would take the 30 minute free massage and schedule an hour long one later in the trip.

    37 more days and counting!! Yippee!

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    Just got back a couple weeks ago - it's $55 per person to upgrade to 55 minutes.

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    Thanks for your replies!! Now to decide what to do with our spa credit................

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