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    Default March 30-April 6 2010

    We will be here for our 10th wedding anniversary! This will be our 3rd trip to Jamaica and 3rd visit to San Souci.

    We can't wait to have Rum Runners at the pool bar, relax, and meet new friends.

    Anyone from Wisconsin?

    We are looking forward to the beach dinners. They are awesome!

    Ya Mon! Bring on the RUM DRINKS!

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    We're arriving on April 2 and this will be our third visit to CSS too. Maybe we've already met at the pool bar!! See you in April!

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    Great,see you there. It looks like (from the name)that your a bike enthusiast. My wife and I ride as well.

    After our last trip to Jamaica we decided that it was best to just stay at the resort the whole time rather than take day trips to some of the attractions. We just really enjoyed the resort more than anything. I see now that there's a trip to Margaritaville that they did not have the last time we went.

    Anyone have any thoughts on the Margaritaville trip?

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    Hi Kristyjon, I've read a few posts on Margaritaville and the vibe was that it was pretty "touristy", similar to all of the other ones throughout the states, hope that helps. We'll be there Mar 31-April 7th, getting married April 3rd, 30 more days, woo hoo!!

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