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    Does anyone have any ideas on what to put in the OOT bags for guests?

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    I gave beach bags with candles, custom matches (had our names and date on them) bandana's, bug spray, sunscreen, sunglasses, ankle bracelets. You could also put coozie's, insulated cups for drinks on the beach, hats, or visors, beads - I did white and silver, a printed schedule of the events. One of our OOT bag gifts didn't fit in the bag, we paid for a private bus to take us all off property to a restaurant and swimming cave. (Sorry Beachski didn't make it :-( ). Just depends on what you want to try and take with you to the resort. I gave a lot of our gifts at a pre-party before we left. I only took sunglasses, bandana's and beads with me. I would have had a suitcase full of that stuff if I'd taken it all. LOL. There are a ton of sites that have other items that you can personalize.

    Hope that helps.
    11-7-09 CSA

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