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    Default Resort Video/DVD

    Does anyone have the resort Video/DVD of their wedding available for viewing? I would love to see one as I decide what to go with.

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    We didn't use the resort to video our wedding on 12/14; we brought our own video recorder and asked someone to do it for us.
    It turned out really good!!

    I know this doesn't help but I thought I'd reply and let you know there is another option out there.

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    Thanks Bailey!

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    If you go to and type in wedding at couples swept away, you'll see a whole bunch of people who posted their video. Some are better quality than others.

    Does any one know if the video is included in the "deluxe photo package"? (wedding package #2)

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    Bailey, was it hard finding a guest willing to video ya'll? We were planning on paying for the resort to do it, but if we can get a guest to do it instead, that would be awesome.

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