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    Default Dancing at CN or CSA?

    My husband and I are coming to Jamaica for a first visit this April. We normally vacation in the Mayan Riviera so this is something new for us. I am REALLY excited about experiencing Couples because of all the wonderful reviews. We are trying to decide between CN and CSA and we are having trouble because they both sound amazing. I haven't read much about dancing at either resort. Does one offer more/better dancing options? We aren't into ballroom dancing - just free style dancing to energetic up-tempo music. We are in our 40's so don't feel the need for a crazy party that lasts all night long - just some fun music and a good dance floor will do it for us!

    We also enjoy staying active rather than just laying on the beach. Both resorts seem to offer the same amenities and activities such as water sports and tours - am I correct?

    Thanks for any advice - I have changed my mind about ten times in this past week and I'm driving my husband crazy!

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    CSA has the disco in the Great House and dancing to the house band at the Palms.

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    Please do not drive yourself crazy. You will love either resort. But beware, the one you do pick will be the one you fall in love with.

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    We've stayed at CN and CSA. We have what sounds like very similar tastes. Both resorts very similar, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF DANCING. CN is smaller, very quiet and romantic, but during our week there, there was practically zero dancing. CSA's disco was fairly energized almost every night after Ultimate stopped playing in the piano bar. Decent dance floor, top 40 music (typical dance music). No all-night party by any means - I think the latest we stayed was 1 am, and we were one of the last ones to leave. Everyone is exhausted after all day on the beach, but it was enough to let our hair down a little. As far as activities, they were very similar, but I preferred CSA a little more because of the beach and the workout facilities. So, to recap - CN = quiet, very romantic, nice beach, really great to relax and forget it all. CSA = very close to CN, but with a slightly more upbeat atmosphere, with nighttime dancing and music, great beach, decent gym. GOOD LUCK. We booked CSA yesterday for June end with friends who are Couples first timers! Can't wait.

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    RJG, you'll have a good time at either so don't feel bad about your indecision. If you want a place where it's more spread out and has a fantastic sports facility go to CSA. We liked to idea of going to restaurants at opposite ends of the resort. If you want a resort with more centrally located activities and restaurants, go to CN. Oh and if going more than topless is your thing, CN has the separate au natural beach. Enjoy, you're going to have a wonderful time in Paradise wherever you choose!

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    Thanks so much for all the helpful information. April can't come soon enough!

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    And yes you are correct. both offer the same free amenities and water sports. You can keep very busy doing the free water activites- hobbie cat sailing, kayaking, snorkeling, glass bottom boats, water skiining, and a free scuba class. They also both have the free catamaran cruise, which is awesome. My vote is also for CSA, love the large size, the bigger beach and the beachlocation ( you can walk for miles and experience more of Negril ), the sports complex, and I prefer the rooms. More room choices that are more private and villas.

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    Well, we always go to CN and when we are wife and someone (usually not me) are dancing on the floor with others during the evening activities. During the day activities they ofter teach a dancing class sometime during the week that is enjoyable and a lot of exercise. The beach party often includes dancing as well. The piano bar usually has 2 or 3 nights that is disco night and we dance up there as usual. Relax, Enjoy and remember...always, always always keep it Jiggy!!

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    We danced until 3 am one night at CSA. Good times.

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    CSA has a nightclub and the best sports facility on the island. CN does not. Have a blast! We are going to CSA for the second time the October. You are going to love it.

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