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    Can anyone tell me if there is anywhere to take long-ish walks at CTI? We have been to CSA and CSS and found we could take nice long walks in the evening (along beach at CSA & around resort and jogging trail at CSS). CTI seems more compact, can anyone tell me if there is somewhere to take nice walks?

    Also, just wondering if the resort is quiet at nights? Not saying we won't be enjoying the evening entertainment, but some nights we find we really like to settle in for a quiet night. At CSA we were near the live entertainment and did find it disruptive some nights.

    Thanks in advance for any adivse !

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    The resort is very quiet at night. If you are in the new rooms, you will hear the band at night but it ends relatively early, so it was not a problem for us. If you want to be away from it, I would suggest that when you get check in, ask if there is a room available in building 3 or 4. The rooms are not new, but have been renovated. We stayed in #3 three years ago. It was a "Superior Ocean" was a large room, but the view of the ocean/island was "obstructed" by swaying palms. This didn't bother us! Friends have stayed in the #4 and loved it. As for long walks at night, well you can walk the from the beach up and around the end of the last building and come back through the gardens into the reception area. For a long morning walk, check out the power walk. It was great opportunity to get out and see some of the "real" Jamaica. It went up the mountain and back down and took roughly 45-60 minutes. It was on pavement and dirt paths. There is also a less intense walk in the morning, more of a nature walk. Enjoy!

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