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    Default Is NAUI certification okay?

    I'm scuba certified through NAUI, but I see that the resort recognizes PADI. Will they let me do the free dives without taking a course at the resort? I probably do need a refresher, and my fiance wants to get certified before we go. I could take a class with him and get my PADI certification if I need to.

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    You are good to go. We are NAUI certified and they recognize all world wide certifications. Make sure you take your C card and log book. If you have not dived in a while they may want you to take a quick refresher ($50 I think).

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    We dove with our SSI certification no problem. You must have your card with you and it helps to have a dive book with a recent dives logged. There was some talk about our having to take a refresher class since it had been 2 years since we dove last but when we talked to the dive master to was all good.


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    PADI or NAUI, it don't matter. I'm PADI and my wife is NAUI and they respect both c-cards. Just make sure you have your c-card and you will be fine.

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    NO you do not need to take their course. They accept both certifications.

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    Brynn I would say depending on how many times you want to dive...just both of you sign up for the "free" dive will get a brief lesson, pool time, and an actual dive to do..Your Naui C card is just as good to them as Padi...however, if you tell them you ARE certified..they won't let you do the "free" route...and a "refresher" course is $50...Wife and I wanted to dive last year..we are both certified, but 10+ yrs rusty...made the mistake of telling them that..this time we are just gonna play ignorant...and chances are that 1 dive will be plenty for us to enjoy...and I've heard tell the whole thing form start(class) to back on the boat is like 3 hours away from the rest of your r&r

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    The only requirement is to be certified. NAUI or PADI is a certification.

    See this post for information from others.
    Irie Mon

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    NAUI is accepted. There is no need to be recertified. If you haven't dived in a while they may require a refresher. I'm NAUI certified and had no problems.

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    I have never seen one organization refuse the certification of another organization, including the staff at Couples. when youfiance does her course at home, ask her instructor to let you 'get wet' at the same time she does her pool work. I'm sure he would be happy to refresh you (particularly in light of all the gear your fiance will be buying from him).

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    Thanks for all the replies! GerryA, I'm the bride, lol!

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    Beware divers diving with a SSI certification, Have a snorkel when you dive. I was diving off a liveaboard in the Turks & Caicos Islands last year, on the boat deck 2 divers did not have snorkels, I asked them about this and they told me that SSI coarses did not require a snorkel for open water. This proved to be one of the biggest mistakes these guys ever made. They both ran out of air using an 80 cub.ft tank, and had not the PADI divemasters on the boat been on their toes these guys could have drowned. They should have had a snorkel and been diving to the rule of 3rd's i.e. 1/3 out, 1/3 back, and 1/3 to get back on the boat. I am NAUI,ACUC and PADI certified, and an assistant Instructor who has been diving certified since 1976. There is only one rule in diving and that is SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY.

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    sounds good to me

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    I'm SSI certified and was trained to use a snorkel. It was in the book and video training, sounds like those 2 guys should get a refund.

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