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    Default How to I 'trade places"??

    Hello everyone! I will be at CTI in May for our Honeymoon and I know there was a post about this before (can't find it) but I have a question;

    How do you go about 'trading places'?

    From CTI where am I allowed to go?

    Was I supposed to tell Couples before I booked?

    If anyone has done this before, could you please explain it to me and is it worth going somewhere else?? Thanks I would love to know the process and what goes on to do this =) We are going to CTI for 11 days and I'm sure it would be fun to check out another resort!!

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    You will need to sign up for the romance rewards. They trade on Mon, Wed and Fri, book the day before with you rr number. There are 10 places on the bus. You will be able to go to the closest one which is CSS. I think the bus is 10 am and returns at 4pm.

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    thanks!! do you think its worth going??

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    It sure is worth it to go. Its like a free offsite excursion with breakfast/lunch included.
    You also get to see the an other Couples resort that you might want to stay at during a future visit

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    Do they provide somewhere to keep your belongings?

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    Leeandd~ the only belongings you would have with you are beach stuff. You are only at the resort for 6 hours and that is from 10am - 4pm so you don't need any night time clothes, just beach wear and anything you would carry to the beach. (Towels, books, camera, suntan lotion...stuff like that.) You can leave your beach stuff on your chair while you are in the pool or ocean and also when you head to a restaurant for lunch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LeeandD View Post
    Do they provide somewhere to keep your belongings?
    What "belongings" were you planning on taking? All you need is your swim suit, a shirt or cover-up, sandals, beach towel, room key and a credit card (for the gift shop).
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    They do not provide a place to keep your belongings. All you really need is your bathing suit and a cover up/t shirt. They do provide towels

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    We will be at CSA in June and I think this sounds very interesting. I would love to visit CN and get a feel for how it differs from CSA. I have been curious since the firs time we stopped to drop of guests from the bus on the way to CSA. I think it would be great fun to wander around and see what's up. We just may have to try this out.

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    The more we've thought about it, the more certain we are that we'll sign up for TP, and to do this for both CTI and CN. For a while I wasn't sure I'd be all that up for spending 6 hours at a visiting resort, but as has been pointed out in other threads, there's no reason we can't leave early, we'll just have to pony up for the cab if we choose to do so. Nice option. Also would be a great experience that on our first trip to Jamaica we'll have visited all four Couples resorts.

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    We are def. going to try this out! It will be nice to see another resort and I'm sure we will be back to Couples (its seems that 99% of people go back!)

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