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    Okay, we just got engaged and are thinking of having a destination wedding at CSA in June 2010. My question is does anyone know the average price for guests? Is there usually a group rate or a discount? there is likely to be at least 10-20 of us. I'm concerned for our guests, and want to make sure it is affordable before we decide to go this route for sure.. thanks!

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    It really depends on what time of year you go (on or off season) and how many nights you are staying. We are getting married in Aug so for about 5 nights and airfare, it will be around $2500 per couple. Enter in your date on the left hand side and pick a certain amount of nights and see what it comes out to!

    There is no group discount. They allow you to put a deposit down ($500) to hold a block of rooms and if you get 10 rooms, the 11th is free. Or you can do the other option which is just, get 10 rooms (without you putting down a deposit) and you get a %500 spa/resort credit and a 3 night stay free!!

    We basically said... this is where we want to get married. Whoever can come, can come. And the people that can't- we will have a party back home when we return.
    Hope this helps!!

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    We got married and had 7 couples join us at CSA Nov 5 - 12 of 2009. We did give everyone an 11 month notice and our travel agent would take a downpayment and the final full payment was due about 4 - 6weeks before we left. So we got a great deal I think, for my husband and I it was 3145.00 air, transfer and CSA Atrium verandah room. That did not include any of the costs for the wedding. Some of our friends had the beach front which was a higher priced room.

    The time of year you go will determine the cost, as well as how far in advance you make your reservations.

    Your guests can stay at another resort that may be less expensive, however, it will cost them to come on property to the wedding. Also, you won't see them again for the duration of the trip. Which could be a good or bad thing. I loved having everyone at the same resort and hanging out on the beach and doing things together.

    And we did the same thing, we said this is where we are getting married, we'd love to have ya, here's the travel agents name.

    And congratulations, you will absolutely LOVE CSA and the staff. I can't brag on them enough.

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