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    Default honeymoon-ocho rios and/or negril?

    We are planning a honeymoon for July and want to be active but also have some leisure time. We're thinking Negril but people are telling us that OR is where most of the excursions and activities are. Could we stay in NEgril and still do the activities? How far are they from each other? Split the trip in 1/2? Thoughts?

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    Yes CTI has the most include excursions. You can do them all from Negril, but you would have to pay for them. They resorts are about 3 hours or so apart.

    Depending on how long you are going a split maybe right for you. I would not do a split if your total stay was under 10 days.
    Irie Mon

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    We had the same questions... And then the question was well which resorts??? We did some research and ended up picking Couples Tower Isle, 4 nights. and Couples Swept away 8 nights. We wanted to Ocho Rio's as I have been to Jamaica and wanted to do the Dunn Rivers Fall tour again. FH and I are going to look at the travel between the two resorts as a tour. I mean your driving across Jamaica!!!!

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