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    Default Room Selection at CSS

    My husband and I are planning a visit to CSS April 4-9th. We are torn about which room to book b/c some of the reviews I've read state that the Beachfront Jacuzzi rooms are not really better than the cheaper rooms. I don't want to spend more money and be disappointed in my room. We are not real picky (esp regarding outdated furniture, etc), but would like to have an ocean view. Any thoughts?

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    We stayed in a beachfront jacuzzi suite at CSS last January. Well, they're better than the other rooms in that they have a jacuzzi! We loved our room - it is centrally located to almost everything. We were on the second floor, and had a beautiful view of the beach and sea. However, it is not directly on the beach. I thought the furnishings were fine; the bed was certainly comfortable, and the flat screen TV swivels between the sitting area and the bedroom. The double sink in the bathroom is a very nice touch, and there is lots of storage under the sinks. If you want to be close to the beach, swim-up pool, Bella Vista, Pallazina, and Sunset Beach, then the BFJS are definitely worth the money.

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    We have been to Sans Souci 4 times and like the D Block the best.
    The rooms are in the middle of the resort, less steps to travel going up or down. Quite at night. And great views of the beach and water. The rooms are located on the cliffs. You can view them on the photo section of Sans Souci resort. They show them from the beach looking up the cliffs. That is D BLOCK. D1 D5 are great rooms.
    Once you go you know.

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    When we were at CSS, we stayed in a BFJS. I would not do that again. I would DEFINITELY stay in the 1 BR Ocean suite up on the hill or a penthouse suite. No question in my mind. Personally, I think those were nicer, more private, had a bigger balcony, etc. etc. etc.

    Whatever you choose, enjoy, though.

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    We've also been to CSS 4x. In order of our favorite to least favorite room (though our least fav. room was still great !! ):

    D-21 (Penthouse Suite) (08/2009)
    G-10 (1 Bedroom Ocean w/ balcony) (01/2001)
    F-07 (1 Bedroom Ocean w/ balcony) (12/2007)
    B-25 (1 Bedroom Beachfront Jacuzzi) (08/2002)

    We're going back again in April 2010 & have booked another Penthouse suite (once you spoil yourself, how to you go back down from there ?? haha).

    We really preferred being up on the cliffs (which is any room level except the Beachfront), w/ those gorgeous views & the tropical foliage all around you.

    While our Beachfront room was really nice, & we liked being closer to the AN beach, the balcony was pretty small, and it just didn't feel as tropical to us (even though the insides of the rooms are almost all alike, deocor-wise).

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    I think it depends on how much you want to walk/use stairs, We stayed in E block, Oceanview and the room was great and we had 2 bathrooms which we loved! BUT, next time we want the beachfront because it is closer to everything and honestly we got tired of taking so many stairs to get anywhere.

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    I have just requested 1st choice D Block and 2nd choice G block but now I am actually wondering whether I misread. Does D block have the One bedroom Ocean front suites.

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    My husband and I stayed in the G block December '09 and absolutely loved it. Yes, it is the farthest block from the beach, and I lost 3 pounds from walking all of the stairs, but I wouldn't have wanted to miss that view from our room. It all depends on what is the most important to you. Our room was not far from the Balloon Bar and Cassanova, but a lengthy walk from the swim up pool/bar, beach bar/grill, and, of course, the beach. For me, the view was worth the walk...

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    Well I'm hoping to be 3 stone (42lbs for the yanks) thinner by then so hopefully the walk will do me good. Afterall I don't want to block the sun out on SSB

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    Quote Originally Posted by kazd View Post
    Well I'm hoping to be 3 stone (42lbs for the yanks) ...
    ...and 19kgs for us canucks

    GOOD LUCK kazd!!!


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    Oh I can't get my head round kg, although I do use metric for baking and cooking.

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    The penthouse suites are the way to go!!! They are not that much more and well worth it. You don't spend that much time in your room but, we feel it's well worth it. We love Blue Mountain coffee & continental breakfast on the balcony and when you have a great view, it gets you in a great mood to start the day!!!!
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    My hubby and I stayed in Block A, which is the farthest from the lobby, but it did have a great view of the pool and beach. The rooms were not really expensive. There is a lot of walking (i.e. to the lobby, game room, Casanova and Balloon Bar), but we didn't mind and we were only a few steps from the beach.

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    I've managed to lose 1.5 stone (21 lbs) but want to lose another 2 stone before the wedding in August, so that may influence which room we go for in CSS to keep the weight off that I have lost!

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