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    Default Need suggestions

    We have been to Negril and Tower Isle (before it changed names.
    How does Sans Souci stack up?

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    We've not been to CN (so can't compare CSS to it) but have been to both CTI (since reopening) and CSS. CSS is a larger resort than CTI (more spread out) and built from the beach onto cliffs. Depending on the building your room is in you could be beachfront (blocks A & B) or on one of the cliffs (blocks C-G). There are stairs to climb to get from the lobby (upper level) to the beach but if you're in relatively good health this is not a problem. It is really a lush, romantic, tropical paradise with many places to take a leisurely stroll or get away with your significant other and feel you're the only people on the resort (when compared to CTI). The beach, like CTI, is private so only CSS guests will be on it. Hopefully this has answered your question. If you'd like some pictures just let us know and we'll be happy to post some.

    Bart & Bug

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    We have booked CSS April 14 for 8 nights.
    Been to CN and CTI se we're excited about this trip.
    Daily golf and the AN beach are in store.
    This will be our 6th trip to Jamaica.
    Anyone going to Jamaica to play golf: if you have unused golf clubs, bring them and donate to the locals. Many of the kids would love to get them.

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    We'll be there from 14-17 April. Doing 7 days over at CSA and then coming over to celebrate our anniversary before going home, since we were married there. Can't wait!!

    Bart & Bug

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    All the resorts are great, it all depends on what you are looking for because they are all special and different in their own ways.
    Irie Mon

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