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    Default Been waiting 5 yrs. I just have to shout

    BostonWalt is finally heading back to Jamaica!! We will be making our 2nd trip to CTI. Looking forward to seeing all the new renovations.

    We will be there May 24 thur May 29.

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    YIPPEE!! I knew you'd eventually get back home!!

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    well done. You will love the new face lift at CTI. Will you be attending the Couples MA party at Plymouth in March?

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    Hey Pam....It took way to long but we finally did it.

    All good with you I hope?

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    How is "my" dear friend doing?
    Five years?Surely not..I have missed YOU on the message board my friend.
    I am so happy you are returning to CTI.
    Peggy and I went to CTI for the first time last April and loved it.

    Special hugs to you my friend

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    See you there Walt...! Look us up!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    You're going to love it. Went back last Sept. for our 3rd time and loved EVERYTHING. Tell Byron and everyone else that R&R from Syracuse said hi. Thanks

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    I hear you. I booked my original trip in 2006.... then had to cancel.. finally making it back there in June! It's been quite the wait!

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    jeez, and I was whining about having to wait 3 yrs....Have a great time!

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    Jeez, and I was whining about having to wait 3 yrs! Congrats, and have a great time!

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    Good for you....countdown begins!

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    glad you are getting to return "home". have a great trip and great to see you again.


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    I took 21 years to find Couples, I guess 5 yr wait wasn't that bad!!

    Tommywommy the Goodwill ambassador of Couples, your adventures are one for the ages!! Spreading hugs where ever you go. Keep up the good work.

    Looking forward to seeing all the new features of CTI.

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    wow, I have not seen your name on here for a long time! It always stood out to me because I am from Massachusetts!
    I hope you enjoy your vacation! I am a CN person. You'll have to give that a try too, but don't wait for 5 years!

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    Always nice to see another MA. resident enjoying Couples. Told wife next time we are not waiting 5 yrs and we have to try the outside of JA. And CN will be the place no question.

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