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    Default CSS Beachfront Suite opinion

    We are going to CSS in march for our anniversary and are going to be staying in the beachfront jacuzzi suite. Can anyone tell me what they think of the room? I will appreciate all feedback.

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    Pictures are posted over at this thread.

    We just came back from staying in one of those rooms and they are very nice. Very happy with them. So much so we just booked it again for April.

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    Excellent suite. It is centrally located in the resort. While it is considered beachfront, there are a lot of things between your room and the beach, like lawns, buildings and the main pool.. Don't expect much of a view unless you have a 2nd or 3rd floor suite.
    While the room had a partial renovation the suites were not completely done like C thru G blocks.
    There are no bad auites anywhere @ CSS!

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    We stayed in the beachfront jacuzzi suite last January at CSS. We loved the location of the room - central to almost everything except the Balloon Bar, Casanova, and the lobby/game room and shops.

    The sitting area is very nice to relax in. We used the jacuzzi several times and liked having double sinks with lots of storage space underneath.

    We had a lovely view of the beach and main lawn from our second floor room. I wish they could put a lounger on the patio, but it definitely would not fit with the two chairs and table that are there.

    As others have said, it is not right on the beach.

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    Loved it!
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    We were in A building third floor....we loved it. I posted a review in AU section of this board.

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