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    Default ride from montego bay? private taxi?couple questions

    we are curious about experiences using swept away for the ride for mo bay rather than a private taxi. did not want to spend a lot of time at the airport waiting for a other flights and then having to ride on a crowded bus. what are experiences? thanks

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    When we did it we waited maybe 10 min tops before being whisked off to the shuttle. your'e not going to have to wait an immense amount of time, and why spend the $ when the transfers are included in the trip?

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    We didn't wait long. We had enough time to go to the bathroom, grab a drink and we were off... Enjoy the lounge and the ride.

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    The longest we've ever had to wait on a bus was ten minutes, barely long enough to finish a beer from the bar. The shuttles are small (10-12 seaters) so you don't have to wait on people for the bus to fill up. Plus they are constantly running - we've been on them with only one other couple before. I wouldn't pay for a taxi when you've already paid for the bus.
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    We've been to CSA several times, and have never had to wait more than 15 minutes for the shuttle. The shuttle size has varied from the size of a minivan to a bus (depending on the number of couples that they are expecting). The ride to the resort is fun, and you get to see some of the countryside.

    Having said all that, we are going to take TimAir for the first time in less than two weeks. Rather than taking a cab to CSA, which will not get you there any faster (well, maybe 5 or 10 minutes), if you really want to splurge and do something different you might want to consider TimAir. If you make a reservation in advance on their website, the plane will be waiting for you.

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    Longest we've waited for the bus was on a busy day, perhaps 20 minutes.

    Longest wait ever was about an hour, perhaps more, the one time we took Timair. Perhaps it was bad luck, a bad day, whatever. The view from the small plane was priceless. This was back in the day when they were rebuilding the road to Negril, and Couples was temporarily compensating return guests with a one way shuttle flight.

    We've not done the private shuttle, although there was one time when we were the only guests on the bus (our luggage had been lost). Usually, there are only a few couples on the ride from MoBay to Negril, with a stop at CN.

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    Default Wait was too short!!!

    I have only been once to CSA and am returning in June. My experience was we wern't in the lounge very long, in my opinion it was too short. After a 4 hour plane delay out of Dallas, I was ready for a beer and to relax. I was barely able to finish my beer. The wait is not long and we enjoyed the ride to CSA including the stop at the restroom with a local purchase of redstripe. Horrray Beer.

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    if you can book with tim air its a short 15 min flight from airport instead of a hour and half drive lol but last flight is at 5.00 i think

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