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    Default Vaccinations and Perscriptions when traveling to Jamaica???

    I read online that you have to be up to date on certain immunizations in order to travel to Jamaica. And that you should also carry a copy of your immunization records with you. Is this true? Also what about the medications I take daily or birth control, it said you have to check with that country to make sure they are not considered illegal narcotics? And that you should carry a doctors note. Anyone have to deal with these issues? Thanks a bunch, we are 1st time travelers out of US and are being overly cautious, yet prepared. Thanks!

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    We didn't get any "extra" immunizations for travel to Jamaica. If you are going to engage in "questionable" behavior, you might want to think about a Hepatitis vax, however, other than that, you're OK. I have had no problem bringing my vitamins and prescription meds with me, however, if you are taking a narcotic RX, you only want to bring enough that would be reasonable for your own personal consumption for the length of time you are staying. (i.e. don't bring 200 Percocet for a 7 day trip.) Also, leave them in the original prescription bottles with your name and the Dr's name on them, and bring them in your carry-on luggage.

    Never ever ever check critical meds. You shouldn't have any problems at all.

    Enjoy your trip to JA.


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    Jamaica doesn't require Americans to have received any specific type of immunizations or to show any type of medical record in order to gain entry.

    We've never had our luggage searched in Jamaican Customs, but it's probably a good idea to keep your prescription medication in the container that you receive from the pharmacy in case you are selected for a search and there are questions.
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    The shots are really not a concern for Jamaica, however, I would recommend talking to your doctor. From what I've been told, if you plan to travel internationally, you should get a Hep B vaccine. With that said, I never did for travel to Jamaica. When we went to the Dominical Republic a couple years ago, I did, so now I'm all set. It's two shots 6 months apart, so you do need to plan ahead.

    Birth control is not a problem. I can't speak to other medication. I HAVE declared the BC before, because I'm paranoid, but after a couple trips stopped. From what I understand, their concern isn't from your general prescription medication. Unless you have large quantities of something that you think may be considered narcotic, I can't imagine you would need a doctor's note. You can always declare it without and doing so isn't going to hurt, just to cover your butt.

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    Don't know where you read all of that, but none of it is true.

    While its always a good idea to keep your immunizations up to date (tetanus, hep, etc.), none of these are required for the casual visitor to Jamaica. I give blood regularly, and while I always report Jamaica as a recent foreign destination, its never raised so much as an eyebrow.

    As for prescriptions, pack them into your carryon luggage, in original prescription packaging, which will include your and your doctor's name. That's all you need to do. How this relates to prescription narcotics, I would have to defer to others. Suffice to say that if its considered a narcotic here, its a universal consideration; however, if they are properly prescribed, this should not be a problem... anyone else?

    Enjoy your visit!

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    We have traveled to Jamaica 3 times now and have never needed any immunizations (according to my doctor). We take our prescription meds in their original bottles that have the our names on the label with no probelm. You need no documents about immunizations to get into Jamaica. You don't need to carry a doctor's note. I would not trust the web site you were looking at. Have a great trip and don't worry about any of the issues you mentioned here.
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    Default Travel health resources

    Here is a great resource for health information and recommendations for international travelers:

    Click on "destinations" and it will tell you what you need to be aware of for specific countries, and any recommended vaccines.

    Here's a resource for security issues:

    Hope that helps!

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    Prescriptions in their original packing from the pharmacy won't get even noticed or checked. We've never been asked to show immunization records (but, it's always a good idea to be up on your immunizations when travelling - I'd ask your family doctor what they recommend, if anything). If you're a diabetic or otherwise require injectible medication with needles, you'd probably need a note. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry.

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    Immunization records are not required to enter Jamaica. As for medication, birth control pills are OK, they are not a narcotics. Just keep them in the container that the drug store gave you, with the label with your name and doctor and it will be OK.

    You should have have your immunizations up to date if you are going to Jamaica or not. Nothing special is needed or required.
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    Don't worry about any of that. There are no necessary immunizations for Jamaica. As far as meds are concerned, you might want to bring them in the prescription bottles. Never had a problem.

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    I have never carried or gotten immunizations to go to Jamaica. So the answer to your question is no, you do not need any records. As for birth control, again no you do not need to carry a note from your doctor. The only issue that you would have to be concerned with is if you need to have a perscription filled while in Jamaica.

    The only things that you will need to go to Jamaica is your current passports and of course your airline tickets.

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    We have never had any immunizations to go to Jamaica. Make sure you ae up to date on your tetnus jabs. Carry your meds in your hand luggage in their original containers and you will be OK. Have a great trip.

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    Default I had the same questions!

    Thank you for asking these questions - I read that in my guidebooks and in my AAA Tour Book and wondered about this too.

    And thanks to everyone for your helpful answers.


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