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    Default Randymon or someone working at CSS?

    I'm hoping you can clarify something for me. When I was at CSS last year, I asked at the gift shop if they sold calling cards and was told no. Others have posted on here that they've purchased them there. Could you please tell me which is true? I need to be able to call home to check on my kids and I'd like to avoid the extra $140 cell bill I got last year.

    Thank you!

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    Are you from the US? If so, don't bother with a calling card, just use the phone in your room. We called home every day for just a few dollars a call...

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    We were there Feb 2009. No calling cards. Calling cards brought from home will not work either. Call your cell phone company. Some of them have an international plan you can get for 1 month and then cancel it.

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    shhh. don't tell the resorts I told you this, but I would suggest you sign up for SKYPE. This way you can call home for free!

    Couples Resorts

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    Skype works well but both parties have to be on the computer or at least have it on and be near it.

    We just left jamacia and also called home. $1 min added to room bill, $18 phone bill for two weeks of security in knowing we could call home, welll worth it.

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    I wish Sykpe was an option for us, but the kids are staying home with Grandma and she's not too good with the computer! LOL!

    Steve & Cindy- thanks for the info on the price of the call. That's half the price of using my cell phone.

    Does anyone know if you can receive a call from home in your room?

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    I used to always tell folks to buy the calling cards called Jus-Talk, but when we were at CTI, they told us that they no longer carry them, instead they worked out a deal that it is $1.00 per minute to call back to either the states of Canada.

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    Thanks Kristen!

    I'm assuming there's still a $2 connection fee?

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    Leeandd~ Yes, you can receive calls in your room.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We only had to pay $1/minute to call home. Totally worth it and less than the $2.29/minute our cell phone company quoted when we called them.

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    So, we can call home directly from our room phone? I wondered about that... we will need to check with employees a couple times a day....

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    When we were at CSS they didnt have the jus talk cards in the gift shop. We were able to get one at a store in the town center.

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    If you buy minutes through Skype, you can call any number... It's just free if it's two Skype people, but you can still call non-pc numbers through skype. And it's super easy.

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