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    When I began reading this thread I started by agreeing with the originator. As I read the subsequent posts I began to understand the need for this sort of moderation.

    Yeah, the moderation requirements do reduce the pace but I guess it's really all for the best. I really like the idea of receiving an email explaining why a post was rejected.

    Our countdown for returning to CSA is underway!

    Bob and Marge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seandymon View Post
    Hello all,

    Seandymon here (the infamous moderator). Just an FYI: Randymon and myself are the only two who moderate. We moderate first thing in the morning, and every hour or so throughout the day. We also moderate at the end of the day. We moderate, as has been mentioned above, to remove foul language, any rude comments towards a post or posting, to take out the names of competitors, and to make sure competitors aren't bad mouthing us on the board. As Randymon said, 99% of posts are approved. If you are having a hard time finding your post, please use the advanced search option, you can search by username. This will allow you to put your own name in, and see all of your posts.

    Additionally, if you post has been denied, I will make it a point to email you and let you know why. That is a fair idea. Ok have a great weekend all!
    Just curious where my popcorn maker @ csa went ??????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron&Tracey View Post
    Just curious where my popcorn maker @ csa went ??????
    it is on the same PO as the external boom box / ipod speakers on the CTI island soon come

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