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    Default CSS Late January - early February

    My wife and I have our deposit down for Jan. 29 - Feb. 5, 2010. We can't wait. This will be our first romantic get away since our 10 anniversary (1998).

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    We are Sue and Adolph from Wisconsin. We will be at CSS Jan.23-30 for our 3rd visit!

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    All three at CSS? We had a hard time deciding which resort. We decided we wanted more of a secluded (private) beach. We've taken cruises, but never stayed at an All-inclusive before. We went back and forth between "S" and Couples. January can't come quick enough. Hope to see you down there Sue and Adolph. We are Tricia and Gene from upstate NY.

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    Jan. 2010 will be our 3rd visit to CSS but we have been to CN 3 times and we will be visiting CTI for our 3rd visit the week before CSS! We have also been to several of the "S" resorts and to Mexico but none of them compare to Couples! You won't regret your choice. Hope to meet you in January. Sue and Adolph

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    Yes we'd love to meet you, and talk about the other resorts you've been to.

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