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    Default CSA March 15-20 Traveling Questions

    This message board is so helpful, I can read this thing forever! Just a few lil questions. When traveling out of the US do we need to bring our drivers license or is our passport all we need? We are planning on bringing one credit card and some cash but dont know how much to bring? I know we are supposed to tip our baggage handlers and the driver to the resort. What about purchasing rum to bring to the folks back home?
    Thanks so much!
    Mindy and Daryl

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    You should be safe with just your passport. Except for going through Customs I was never asked for ID. The more established shops, etc take major credit cards. If you wish to buy souvenirs and such from the local vendors along the beach you will need cash. There is an ATM on the 2nd floor of the Lobby, but it was out of order the entire time we stayed at CSA. Oh and bring US currency, do not exchange into Jamaican dollars. I did not purchase any rum, so I cannot help you out there. Enjoy!!!

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