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    Default CSA - Martini Bar

    We hear they have a martini bar at Couples Swept Away - can you tell me do they have a list of speciality martini's that they offer?

    Thanks for your time on this.

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    Oh, yes, there is a large menu of martini drinks that they offer, dozens of drinks. My favorite was the Blue Mountain Martini. Their chocolate martini is also yummy.

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    They have a great Martini Bar above the Palms Restaurant. The have a menu with 30+/- different martinis listed. Make sure to check this place out. It is really cool and great drinks.

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    No, they do not have a list...they have an entire book of specialty martini's to choose from.
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    Do yourself a big favor if you go to the martini bar, interact with the bar tenders. They are a fascinating and entertaining crew. Very funny and wonderful to just jabber with. We have seen everthing from magic tricks to making paper flowers from napkins and always great chatter before or after dinner.

    Not to mention the great martinis!

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    That's not a list? :dunno:

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    My personal favorite was the Campari martini. They asked everytime if I had had one before, as Campari is a taste you either like or strongly dislike. Delish!

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    The chocolate martini is so wonderful. And the bartenders really are extremely nice and very interesting - fun to chat with.

    It would be really hard to post the whole martini bar book - it really is a fat book with probably 50 martini types in it.

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    You must try the Lychee Martini. YUMEE!
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